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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on February 27, 2020

Ah, I love the smell over burning aircrafts in the morning. Or burning vehicles... or.... well, let's just say I love it when things that aren't mine are burning. Especially when I was the one to set them on fire! Now, don't go calling the police and fire department just yet. There's no need to be frightened, I'm only talking about the video game I played.

The game in question game goes by the name of Taur and is an exciting action-strategy game with a sci-fi setting, developed by Echo Entertainment. I simply love strategy games and when I was strolling around on Steam looking for a cool new game in this genre, I stumbled upon Taur. It stood out for me because of the unique design, so I examined it a bit closer. The game looked cool and I suspected it was really fun to play... and boy, was I right!

Taur combines strategy with tower defense, so naturally we start by selecting and placing a tower. Your goal is to collect as many stuff as you can, to extend your base and defend yourself against incoming attacks. That means building objects on and around your tower, but also building all kinds of troops of your own. Everything that's coming your way, you can also create for yourself, so think cannons, airplanes and even tanks.

As is custom in a lot of strategy games, things will start looking chaotic in no time flat. Think laser beams flying anywhere, both your own and your enemies' of course. This is because of the great weapons you can unlock and collect. You start off with a powerful prime cannon, equipped with a primary and a secondary weapon that can be fired simultaneously. There are several weapons to unlock and upgrade, so always keep an eye out for them and regularly check the latest options to improve your armory.

You'll have to be smart here and plan your attacks. At the same time, don't lose yourself in a single skirmish, because while you are carefully destroying every last bit of hostile force out there, your enemies will try to do the same. Make sure to make the most out of the resources that you gather and expand your Taur defenses by building a variety cool stuff like auto-turrets, droids and aircraft, to name a few. And while we're on the subject of gathering resources; every unit, structure, tree and plant is fully destructible. But don't go too crazy and consider the possible advantages or disadvantages of your actions.

And if that isn't enough, there's also a number of awesome abilities for you to unlock. I have a favorite already! Besides the standard options like dealing more damage for a short period of time or, in this case, in a certain area, there is one that stood out for me because it's super useful while playing the game. I'm talking about the ability to slow down time. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in Taur you're able to slow down time, for a limited time of course. But how cool is the fact that, when you feel a little intimidated by that giant wave of enemies that is coming your way, you are able to slow down time so you can take them down one by one? I think that's pretty awesome!

Personally, I think that Echo Entertainment has exceeded expectations with Taur. Especially considering the price, this game is a very good deal. I love the arsenal of weapons, the abilities and the endless options you have to obliterate your enemies while keeping your own base safe as can be!

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Echo Entertainment
February 20, 2020