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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on April 3, 2019

I did it; I am El Presidente! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for voting. Of course I didn't expect to actually win the elections but, nevertheless, here I am and I'm going to rock you like a hurricane! Wait, what? What do you want? You want to know how I did it, because you'd also like to become president? Well, sit back and let me share my wisdom with all of you.

You know how people always tell you that every decision you make actually counts? Well, that's even a bigger issue when you're president, believe you me. Especially if you're president in a very cool game called Tropico 6. Right off the bat, there's a ton of possibilities you can use to customize your game to fit your personal style. First up: your own appearance of course. I mean, come on; you want to look the part, don't you? Your clothes, a cigar or not and even your gender can be set to fit your needs; it's really all up to you. Next step: after looking the part, you'll definitely want to live the part as well, so it's time to customize your palace. Make it the most luxurious place you can dream up. No don't hold back; not everyone can say that they are president, so go wild.

Now for the part that Tropico 6 is all about; building your empire! I have loved and played the Tropico games since the release of the original game back in 2001. I like building games, because you never know if things will turn out the way you planned and because, and this is very important, you can do about everything you want. But beware, because your choices will have consequences. So, when keeping all this in mind, you might suspect that I've been looking forward to Tropico 6 ever since... well, ever since I unlocked everything there is to unlock in Tropico 5. Not that this is a game series with a low replay value; no sirree! Tropico games are really expansive games, filled with nigh endless possibilities. I love how you can zoom out, which makes it very handy when you want to decide where you want to place a certain building. You can also zoom in until you feel like you're standing in the middle of your town. And everything looks so beautiful!

So, back to me being president and sharing my wisdom with you guys and girls. Let me start by issuing a warning; becoming president is one thing, but after that you'd better be ready to have to deal with the burden of making sure you'll get to keep your job at the next elections. In Tropico 6, you either win the elections every four years or it is game over for you. The choices you'll make during these four years will be a great influence on how your constituents feel about your leadership, so yes; there are some pretty big consequences to keep in mind when ruling the island. Plus, losing the elections will mean that you'll have to start all over again from scratch. So the first nugget of advice I will give you is that you should always try to find the perfect balance in your actions. For instance, building a factory is useful for the citizens. But when you decide to build a lot more factories, some industrial minded people will be very happy, while the people who care more about nature might strongly disagree with your decision.

As you can probably imagine by now, being president comes with a set of huge responsibilities. Basically, whatever you do or decide; it's impossible to please everyone at the same time, so try to balance different groups within your citizens and try to keep them all as happy as possible. And, to be honest, keeping everybody perfectly happy all the time has never been what has made the Tropico games stand out. I mean, come on; it has a research system focusing on the political aspects of being the world's greatest dictator! So, I don't have to deal with big meetings. Instead, I can make all the big decisions myself! Plus, there is a lot of crazy shit you can pull! Just watch the menu and you might notice a helicopter flying around with the Statue of Liberty hanging underneath it. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can actually let your Tropicans relocate stuff and the Statue of Liberty is just one of the amazing things you can steal, ehm... relocate.

Another thing you really should do is give Election speeches, which are a very good way to renew or strengthen the bond with your people. Keep them happy and make great promises, even if you know you can't possibly keep them (that's what politics is all about nowadays anyway, right?). Apart from this, Tropico 6 comes with a brand new feature: you can now build bridges between your individual islands, which is pretty cool if you ask me!

So, I hope I helped you a bit on your path to become the world's best president and/or dictator. I could keep going on and on about this game. I feel I already told you so much about this game and still haven't told you about the half of it. The endless options to customize, the variety in buildings to place, the things you can let your minions do! And, you can also join a friend and build your empire together in coop mode or go ballistic in the competitive multiplayer mode. Whatever takes your fancy, Tropico 6 has something for you. Plus, oh boy; it feels damn good to be El Presidente!

available on:

Limbic Entertainment & Kalypso Media
March 29, 2019 (PC)
TBA Q3 2019 (PS4 / Xbox One)