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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on April 30, 2018

It's time for another round of teaching my sister a lesson in gaming. Diana a.k.a. DumeeGamer and myself, Michael a.k.a. the almighty Magic Mike, dove into the world of mighty minions and awesome towers and walls to defend yourself. Yes, ladies and gentlemen; I'm talking about Unleash!

The development of Unleash started in Denmark in October 2016 by Copenhagen-based independent developer, Desync Studios. At the moment of writing, the game is available as Early Access on Steam, while the full release is planned for Q4 2018 (estimated). When we were lucky enough to discover two codes for this game in our Dumeegamer.com HQ mailbox, we all drew straws and it was Diana and myself who were chosen, or may I say destined, to play Unleash!

As always, I waited patiently for my sister at the agreed time and when she finally contacted me via Discord (I don't know why she still thinks using Discord is difficult; it's the best invention since sliced bread!) and then we're good to go. Since there is no tutorial in this game (that is, for you guys there's no tutorial. My sister has one, and it's called Magic Mike!) we dove right into the action. Or so I meant to because, as soon as the game started, my sister started asking questions.

Being a Tower Defense game, the main goal of Unleash is building a sturdy tactical defense line on your section of the playing field, while sending as much monsters as you possibly can towards your opponents. Both building defenses and sending monsters will cost you money. You earn money by sending out monsters. That's was something Diana did better than me. She send out a very large amount of monsters, almost without pause! I was asking myself; where did she get the money to do this?

After thirty minutes of playing, Diana was telling how she wasn't able to build any more towers or walls, so she kept sending hordes of monsters to me. As it turns out, she didn't quite figure out that you can actually upgrade your towers and other assorted defenses. There are thirteen different towers and each one of them has three upgrade levels. So yeah, even if you fill your entire battlefield with towers and walls, there are ways to spend your money on upgrading your defenses. And why would you upgrade your defense? Because you can also upgrade your monsters! All nineteen monsters each have four upgrade levels. Diana kept asking me where those big monsters with shields were coming from. I told her, patiently as I am, that she could get hers upgraded too when she had enough money, still not fully realizing she didn't know that there was such a thing as an upgrade possibility.

We both had a big laugh about it and, needless to say, I won this first round. I think that's Unleash is all about: having fun with friends or other players. You can play this game by starting a party with friends and/or join other players. Up to eight players can join the party! You can also test your skills against fierce AI enemies in both single player and multiplayer mode. You can enter these battlefields with a random set of items and minions or select your favorites in the loadout option.

Unleash is a really easy game to learn, but hard to master. It's a tactical game which, if played correctly, really lets you show off your tactical skills. It's a good idea to keep an eye on what your components are doing. The monsters and towers are divided into different element groups in which they are either strong or weak. So, if you see your opponents sending an awful lot of strong fire monsters sending your way, make sure you build freeze cannons in your field. Flying monsters can be caught with hooks. And ice monsters will be damaged more severely by a flamethrower than a machine gun. I think you get the picture by now, right?

I had a very good time while playing Unleash! It's an awesome game for both beginner and advanced players. The slow pace of the game gives you more than enough time to decide on your tactics and if you keep an eye on what your opponent is doing, you can take the necessary precautions on time. In short, if you want to test or show off your tactical skills, Unleash is the perfect game for you!

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