You are Aiden Pearce, a skilled hacker. Eleven months after his actions caused the death of his niece, he wants revenge in his own way. He manipulates Chicago's CtOS (Central Operating System), a supercomputer that controls every piece of technology in the city and contains information on all of the city's residents and activities. With the profiler program on his cell phone Aidenís got the power of control over the city in the palm of his hand.

Watchdogs is an open world action-adventure game, set in the nearby future in Chicago. This game is all about hacking thing like traffic lights, lampposts, bank accounts and much more. Throughout the game youíll collect experience which you can use to collect Skill points.

The best thing about this game is that itís open-world. You can just play through the main story, but youíll notice pop ups appearing from time to time, signifying crimes to investigate, gang hide-outs to clear, etcetera. So in short, these pop-ups show additional events and challenges you can complete. There are also lots of opportunities to craft and buy gadgets and weapons, so thereís a lot to do in Chicago.

Watch Dogs is about seeing and being seen. Often the police or government will hunt you, so you have to kill all of them or escape. You can choose the stealthy approach, hide in the shadows and scout the environment with your profiler, so you can kill your enemies one by one. Or run right into the action and go for it. Thatís up to you.

The controls of this game are very good. Walking, running, sneaking, it all goes smoothly. Driving a car is might be a little tricky, but this mostly depends on what youíre used to. Itís not that difficult, it's a matter of getting used to and it will not spoil your fun.

I would like to give two thumbs up for the graphics. I noticed when it rains everything will become gradually wetter. This might seem trivial, but itís the perfect example of the realistic quality of Watchdogs. You can actually see the rain spattering on the streets and sidewalks of Chicago. Everything is very realistic and detailed. The soundtrack is spot on for this high tech game. When youíre in a car you can choose between different kinds of music. If you want to add more tracks, youíll have to hack peoplesí cell- phone and download new tracks, which I think is a nice feature and totally fits in the game concept.

There is also a multiplayer option, but not like the usual multiplayer. In Watchdogs other players can invade your game and hack your stuff. The only way to stop this is to find and kill the other player. And of course you can invade other playersí games yourself. Thereís also the opportunity to organize a race against other players.

I have been waiting for Watch Dogs to come out for a long time (like the rest of the world) and I must say, itís totally worth the wait. I enjoy this kind of game.
There are those who criticize Watchdogs for not having a big enough world to roam through, or for not being able to hack every little device. I say Phooey! The world is comparable to that of GTA V, so itís definitely big enough. And about the hacking, after you filled your skill tree you wonít be able to hack some minor things, but then again, you no longer need to hack them at that point of the game, so there!

Watch Dogs is an absolutely awesome game. I would recommend it to anyone who likes open world action games and likes to have the choice between the stealth approach or the bullets flying, blood spouting, metal twisting action approach. Furthermore, thereís really a lot to do in the city of Chicago. Donít be scared by the Naysayers out there, itís a great game and it deserves to hack into everyoneís home.

PC / PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One / Wii U
Ubisoft & Ubisoft Montreal
May 27, 2014