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By Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee on October 28, 2020

Ever since I played the first Watch Dogs title, I'm have been a fan! The Watch Dogs games have great story lines, interesting characters and the open world element feels different compared to other games because of the possibility to almost hack everything in your surroundings. So as you might suspect, I was over the moon when I heard about the upcoming third game in this Watch Dogs series: Watch Dogs Legion. And I'm even more thrilled that I spend the last week playing this game, so I can tell you all about it!

Watch Dogs Legion takes place in a dystopian post-Brexit London. You are a member of the Dedsec organization and your main goal is to free London from corruption. In this game you will not control just one main character, but you can recruit other characters to join your team. You can do that on three well-known difficulty levels; easy, normal or hard. What seriously spice things up is the option to enable perma-death mode. Your team, called operatives in this game, can be recruited and are therefore playable by you. You can lose operatives, because they get arrested by Albion, the Police Force in London for breaking the so-called "law". If an operative gets arrested he or she has to serve out their sentence in jail.

The same goes for your characters getting hurt. If a character gets wounded badly, they might need to go to the hospital and will rejoin your team when they are all better. And if they die during a mission, you will permanently lose that team member. You can always lose team members, but with perma-death enabled, losing all team members results in a game over. Luckily, there is an escape option for just this case. If you enabled perma-death and reach the moment that almost all your operatives are dead, you can disable this mode. But this can only be done once, you can't flick the perma-death switch endlessly. Needless to say; you'd better take care of your precious team.

When strolling through the streets of London you can scan people to see which benefits they could bring to the team. These might be things like medical support, hacking specialties or the ability to run really fast. Some perks are, how do I say this, very special? I laughed my ass off when I recruit a character who had flatulence as a perk. Okay Ubisoft, you have my attention now! So, what can we do with this guy?. To be honest, I didn't discover any benefits and, furthermore, this guy was definitely not handy during missions that required a stealthy approach.

Your operatives are your crew and you can recruit up to 20 characters for your team. Recruiting new team members is one of the main things you will be doing in this game because, for some missions, you will need specific skills in your team if you want to stand even a snowball's chance in hell of completing it. Having these specific skills turns the tables and flip the odds in your favor. You can add every character you think is interesting for your team to your list (60 characters max) of potential recruits. To actually recruit people you have to complete missions and meet the requirements. For one such character I needed to find her first and then join her in a game of darts. This was excellent! You have almost no control over your aim, so it's just like in real life (in my case). I usually just throw a dart and hope for the best. Nevertheless, I managed to recruit the character and added her to my team!

The other thing you will be doing a lot is, of course, completing missions and, in doing so, freeing London of corruption. On your map you will notice many red areas. Naturally this is where the action is and the goal is simple: Complete mission to conquer the area in question. As said earlier, keep an eye out for certain perks of characters that might be helpful. For example, official locations like Buckingham Palace gardens will raise an alarm if intruders enter it. But if you are in an Albion or Queen's Guard outfit, the alarms won't go off. Still, you will have to be careful, because guards might not recognize you as one of their colleagues if you are standing too close to them.

During your hacking adventure in London, you might like some extra neat gadgets on your proverbial tool belt! You start off with a spider bot and an invisibility cloak, which is already awesome, but later on you can collect even more wonderful gadgets while playing the game. What to think of a combat spider bot or an electric shock trap? And, of course, the items in your Tech collection are upgradable.

Now, I would like to take you on a trip to one of my most memorable moment while playing Watch Dogs Legion. I ended up in an alley, which was the scariest alley I've ever seen in the entire Watch Dogs series. It's an area with hundreds of mannequins in a narrow alley. At the end of the alley, there is a collectible. I know this isn't a horror game with jump scares, so I'm pretty confident to enter it, but still. While casing my surroundings, I was like: If one of those mannequins even so much as twitches, I'm getting the hell out of here! Speaking of collectibles and rare things. If you want to own some pretty cool extra's, Ubisoft has got your back! Extra operatives, themed outfits, cosmetic bundles, and of course a complete season pass! Just enter the store and get your hands on some cool additional content!

Needless to say that I absolutely love Watch Dogs: Legion. This game offers the best of everything you already know and love about the previous two installments in the series. Throw in the new features of creating and recruiting people for your team and there is a lot of cool new stuff to discover and to do. So get yourself as ready as you can ever be, because London is calling!

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October 29, 2020