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By Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee on May 1, 2019

What do you get when you decide to take a pet, let's say a dog... a Dachshund, for example. You can pet it, give it water and food. Give it a rubber chicken as a toy for all I care and it will play with it. Very cute right? And while this might be true, your beloved pet will also most probably will poo on your floor once in a while or hide your undies, if it doesn't eat them first, that is!

Then, when you walk in the park, it will probably want to attack complete strangers or badgers or, well, basically everything that moves every now and then. Sometimes it's not hard to believe that there's something more than meets the eye when it comes to this small creature. Now, normally, a pet is just that, but what if your adorable little pet turns out to be a super hero in a Dachshund disguise... complete with super doggy powers?

Mackerel Sky Games made a card game about Dachshunds from the experiences they had with their own pets. The game we are talking about this time ladies and gentleman, is a card game called Doxie Dash, designed by Travis Wilkens. The box and the cards feature a nice pixel art style, done by Marcie Clowry. The box contains no less than a whopping one hundred and fourteen cards. Among these cards, there are twelve Hero cards, each of them depicting a little dachshund with a unique ability all of their own. The rest of the cards form the game deck and range from Lick Attack cards and Poo cards to Water and Kibble cards. Also included in the deck are a number of cards that can be used to defeat foes, like the Vacuum, Stranger and Badger cards.

At the start of the game, each of the players will receive two hero cards. The doggy super powers on these cards will help you score extra points during the game. Choose a hero to play and choose wisely, because it will be your character for the rest of this round. The second hero card gets discarded and the chosen hero card will be placed doggy face up. After choosing their hero, the players each receive eleven cards from the shuffled game deck. Select a card to play from your hand and hold it face down on the table. When all players have done that, everybody flips over their card and passes their remaining cards to the player on their left.

This Pick and Pass phase will continue until all cards are placed face up on the table. When this is done, you'll get the opportunity to trade any card you're not overly fond of or cards that are worthless by themselves, because you can't make the right combination at this time. By making the right combos, you'll score points. After the trade phase, players tally up these points and add them to the points from their hero starting item and hero super doggy power. This total represents the score for the first round. Rules say the first player to reach a hundred points wins the game and earns the illustrious title of leader of the pack. Because, as you know; There can be only one wiener!

Another thing I, being somewhat of a creative mind, absolutely love about the game is how the skyline that is featured as the background of the hero cards becomes one big scenery when you put said cards side by side. The pixel artwork has been nicely done and shows clearly what kind of card you are holding, which makes playing Doxie Dash also easy for kids. The rules of the game are simple and, together with the Pick and Pass system, makes playing it even more appealing to younger players.

Playing Doxie Dash is really fun, and not only for the young players among us. I mean, fun game mechanics and really nice artwork make this game fun for everyone. Throw in a number of adorable dachshunds and a certain amount of poo and you've got a nice family game! I mean, come on; no matter how old you are, Poo is always good... in a game, not when you step in it. The hero cards give a nice additional mechanic to an already good game. I, for one, am happy these cards are in the game, because they make Doxie Dash just that little bit more interesting and truly fun to play!

If you'd like to read about how the game came to life and about the relation of the designer Travis Wilkens to Dachshunds, make sure to check my report on meeting Travis at Spiel 2018!

Mackerel Sky Games
Year of release: 2018
Designer: Travis Wilkins
Artist: Marcie Clowry
Players: 2 - 6 players, ages 6 & up
Playtime: approx. 20 minutes