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By Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee on November 12, 2018

I am totally in the baby phase of my life; We had a newborn last September and a two-year-old walking around, utterly destroying things. That's why I think my sister, Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee, didn't have to think for too long about who she was going to give Fetus Feud to in order to get a decent Kickstarter preview. Being in for a good laugh, I dived in this card game full with pregnancy cravings, mood swings, overdue babies and contractions until it is finally labor day!

Let start with stating clearly that the game I played is a Kickstarter preview version of the upcoming card game Fetus Feud by Antics Studios. As for the final version, you'll have to follow their Kickstarter campaign to see what it's going to be like. Have said that, this preview version contains fifty-four playing cards, four labor cards and three instruction cards. Included in the package we received by mail, there was also an extra rules book, so I think they are going to put the entire packet in a slightly bigger box for the final version.

So, what's in the pack? Well, a lot of cards, so that's a good sign! The playing cards can be divided into attack cards, defence cards and special cards. All cards have card-specific abilities. During the game, it is your objective to collect as many "Contractions" as possible, represented by the so-called Contraction Cards. These cards come as contractions and two extra epidurals, which count as two contractions. Then finally, there's the Labor Card, which ends the game when played. Aside from the playing cards, there are a few instruction cards which show the basic rules and a small overview of the cards.

To setup the game, shuffle the deck without the labor card and deal each player five cards. Then shuffle the remaining deck including one labor card and presto; there you have your draw pile. Begin your turn by drawing a card, after which you can either play one of the cards in your hand or pass your turn. Special cards may be played as much as you want during your turn, but when you play an attack card it immediately ends your turn. The same routine is repeated until somebody plays the labor card, which ends the game. Every player counts the contraction cards in their hand and the player with the highest number of contraction cards wins the game, which also means that the losers must sing happy birthday to the winner!

To spice things up, the developers of Fetus Feud created some very funny special ability cards. For instance the special card "Pregnancy Cravings" lets you draw two additional cards , while the "induce labor" card forces the labor card to be played. By using your attack cards, like "Umbilical Lasso", you can steal cards or even take a peek at another player's hand then and steal a card with a "Ultrasound" card. Or why not use the "Morning Sickness" card to punch your opponent in the stomach and force them to discard two cards. Of course, where there's offence, there has to also be defence. To defend yourself against incoming attacks, you can use cards like the "Douche" card, which blocks any other card, or you can use your "mood swings" to even reverse attacks.

As you can probably imagine by now, it is going to be pretty hard to keep your contractions safely in hand with so much attacks going on. Picking the right moment to play the labor card or the induce labor card, is quite hard because you ever know what the right moment might be. Sure, you have a number of contractions, but how many do your opponents have? The best piece of advice from the frequently asked questions section on tghe Fetus Feud website was: When you run out of cards, you should probably "grow up" and play the labor card.

This game just shouts out: "baby showers!!!" It would make a funny gift for new parents. Due to its theme, it is quickly considered to be a "young parent" game, although it is truly a very fun game to play, even if you're no parent! When you aren't pregnant, you don't have kids, or aren't even in the "I want a baby phase", the inside jokes might be slightly less fun, but the game is still really nice to play. You can play Fetus Feud with kids from ages ten and up and it could possibly even work with children of an even younger age than that, although understanding the slightly bizarre humour would probably work better with people of sixteen and up.

Still, the game itself is good fun and you can play quickly several games, because it doesn't take too long to master and the rules are easy to learn. So, when you found yourself at a baby shower (Shit! There, I did it again) or at some other get-together, why not whip out your packet of Fetus Feud and play a few games? For one thing, Fetus Feud will definitely induce some laughter and brighten up the place!

The Fetus Feud Kickstarter campaign will launch on November 14, 2018, so make sure you visit the Fetus Feud website for more info or even sign up for the Due Date! And, if you're lucky to be early enough, you might even come away with some nice extra's, because the developers have chosen to do something called the "Early Birth Special"!

Antics Studios
Kickstarter launches on November 14, 2018
Designer: Carson Hawkes and Kohlmann Kearley
Artist: Carson Hawkes
Players: 2 -6 players, ages 10 & up
Playtime: approx. 10 to 20 minutes