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By Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee on January 24, 2020

The moment is here and now! Finally, the everlasting battle between Cats and Dogs is being decided. Team Cats and Team Dogs are gathering good souls and reliable allies to settle this everlasting conflict in the arena, once and for all. As a dog lover, born in the year of the Dog, you bet I will battle on the side of the loyal Monk Dogs.

Kung Fur Fight is a Fast-Paced, two player, Hand-Management Card game with cute art. This small box game comes with a Scoring Board and an Arena Board with three arenas on it. A pile of Reward cards with Ranger cards, Item cards and Achievement cards. And a good amount of all different types of cardboard tokens. For each player, there is a player board, a player screen and a deck of cards with your blood thirsty fighters, so I got all kinds of cool canines while my opponent got a bunch of feline fighters. Yes, yes, let's get this joke out of the way first; team Ninja Cats has pussy cards.

You start by placing the player screens upright in front of you, the Arena Board in the centre of the table and the Scoring Board and the pile of Reward cards nearby. Both players assign which Animal Cards fight in the three different arenas, because in each arena, there is a Reward card to win and these Reward cards come in quite handy to tip the outcome of the fight to your side.

When everything is ready, Kung Fur Fight is played in rounds until the winning conditions are met. Each round consists of four phases; Prepare, Plan, Resolve and Refresh. In the Preparation Phase, you only have to add a Reward card to each Arena on the Arena Board. that's it, really. During the Planning Phase, you assign which Animal cards you want to use for this round and in which arena. As you can expect, there are quite a few cards with some special abilities. You can also team up with multiple cards and tally up their Attack points, but keep in mind only the top card's ability can be used. There are also several tokens to help you in battle.

All of your scheming is done secretly behind your player screens. When it is time for the Resolve Phase, each player removes their screen and in all three arenas, the winner is determined of each combat and the commander of the winning party will receive the corresponding reward card(s). Then, after these brutal fights, the Resolve Phase sets in and cleans up the fallen soldiers to the Rest Area. A very important aspect of the game is also in the Resolve Phase and that is, getting your Animal cards back from the Rest Area. This can be done in a few different ways, but timing is of the essence here and could make or break your strategy.

Scores and Spirit points are tallied on the Scoring Board. Most of these points will have come from winning battles and the cards' special abilities. When one's Victory Points are higher than your opponent's by four, or when your opponent's Spirit Points reach zero, there will be no more need for a Refresh Phase because, in that case, we have a winner Ladies and Gentleman, fellow canines and felines!

The Final Verdict
Good things about Kung Fur Fight are definitely the funny theme and nice artwork. Also, it is easy to learn, you can be playing this game within ten minutes and twenty minutes later, you won your first game and will be asking for another round. The origins of the game are laying in the Far East and I like this is showing a few components and in the art and I think it is charming.

Not so good things about the game is the production quality, which is a bit so-so. Some of the components could have been a bit thicker and heavier, but it isn't an expensive game, so that's alright in the end. Replay value is okay, as long as you see the fun fact of the battle between Cats and Dogs and I certainly took that opportunity a couple of times now. I can also see the rest of the animal kingdom butting in; there are a lot of possibilities for more animal clans in things like expansion decks, but I have no idea if this is going to happen.

Overall, you have see the fun in this game and I like the Team Dogs and Team Cats thing. You may have notice a small, but really very small preference for dogs on my side, but for me that is also a battle already decided a long time ago, no need to argue. DEATH TO ALL CATS!!!! HAIL THE MONK DOG KING!!!! And I will take every opportunity to show the world that Team Dog Rules the Animal Kingdom! Probably in-between games as Kung Fur Fight is a very nice filler game which doesn't need all day to be played.

Enjoy Thinking Studio (Taiwan Boardgame Design)
Year of release: 2018
Designer: Po-Jen Hsieh, Yunus Hsieh
Artist: Rolling Leafy Creative Studio
Players: 2 players, ages 10 & up
Playtime: approx. 25 minutes