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By Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee on December 9, 2020

While night falls on the Mimosa District, a couple of young brave souls wander around the neighborhood together. This is when they stumble upon a group of monsters and catch them red handed, trying to break into a house. It's up to you and your fellow friends, to get rid of these nasty monsters before the residents comes back from their night out, but try not to break anything.

No Mercy for Monsters is a cooperative game for children and their parents. Before you start the game you will have to do a warm-up and a test of the reflexes. You have to turn your wrists, jump from one foot to the other, twirl around with your eyes closed and, of course, don't forget to limber up. Why? Well, because being a professional Monster hunter in No Mercy for Monsters, you don't want any cramps, now do you?

From the box itself, you will be able to make the house of Mr. and Mrs. Sweet, the original homeowners. With the lid of the box opening up as the garden, including the path that leads the monsters to the door. Five different rooms pop up by turning the flaps inside the box, like the pages of a book. Furthermore, you will get ten monster and five fragile object standees, Twenty-seven tokens to throw with, like socks, balls and buckets, and two dice, one purple and one orange one.

After the warm-up, No Mercy for Monsters is played over a few rounds, with the objective of each round being a the clearing of a room. All monsters wait in the garden, as the first monster enters through the door. While the so called Oops Monster is checking out the room, is it up to the players to batter them with everything they got. Once all monsters in a room get knocked over, go to the following room and the next two monsters will enter it.

The monsters you fight in this game are very special monsters that can cast spells. There-fore, you'll have to start your turn with the roll of the purple die, which will determine which spell will be cast on you. The spell are: close one eye, make a face, lift one foot, throw with your weaker hand, pinch your nose, shout. So basically, the number you roll will represent the handicap you'll get during your turn.

In order to knock the monsters down, players can use various tokens, which have to be drawn from a pile. Most of these tokens are socks, but not all! There are three different ones you should know about. Monster tokens, Ball tokens and Bucket of Water tokens. When you draw a Monster token, you must pick up one knocked down monster and put it upright again. You also can draw a Ball token, which you'll have to throw through the window. Lastly, there's the Bucket of Water token, which you'll have to drop from above the house.

To add a little bit more variety, you can add the orange die to the game. With the orange die, fragile objects will be added to the rooms, which makes it a little bit harder to hit the monsters. The game ends when every room of the house is cleared of monsters or when you run out of tokens to throw. Only when the ten monsters were knocked of their monstrous feet, you have won the game and saved the day!

Final Verdict
No Mercy for Monsters is very lovely illustrated and the monsters are cute and all have a background story with their age and things they love. The box is firm and together with the other components, it can handle some strong children hands without being easily damaged in the process. We have two energetic young boys and I can honestly tell you the game has been tested thoroughly. According to our youngest, the tokens taste especially great!

With the introduction story and all the background information about the monsters in the rulebook, I can't escape the feeling that there's probably more to be done. Because the box looks like a book, we just want to continue reading about the monsters. With this in mind, we would have perhaps liked to see some kind of campaign story incorporated in going through the rooms. Luckily, our oldest make up his own stories, "why the GRRRR Monster enters the room" and "The Kiki Monster in the Garage is four years old", just like he is. This is not to say that the game isn't complete, no siree! I'm just curious to see if there are plans for expanding the game in the future.

When you are looking for a great game to play with your children during the holidays, or even a fun present from Santa, No Mercy for Monsters is a game that's surely worth checking out. It plays phenomenally easy and throwing socks at monsters together with your children is an absolute great way to have tons of fun.

Year of release: 2020
Designer: Jérôme Soleil, Emilie Soleil
Artist: Kasia Fryza
Players: 1 - 6 players, ages 4 & up
Playtime: approx. 20 minutes