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By Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee on September 23, 2020

Well, boys and girls; I have come to an age where I have to start watching my figure and I can't eat whatever I want any more, unless I want to gain weight faster than a chicken raised to be a Kentucky Fried version of itself. That's why I had to change my diet drastically and I started by getting a game about salads. Duh, what did you think I was going to do? Go on a diet straight away?! Baby steps, people... baby steps.

White Goblin Games brought this delicious family card game called Point Salad to the Dutch board game market and that might explain the Dutch names of the vegetables on the one hundred and eight double sided cards of the copy we have at home which, incidentally, are also the ones featured in the pictures in this review. On one side, the cards feature unique scoring conditions and on the other side a depiction of one of the six veggies; Tomato, Carrot, Pepper, Lettuce, Onion and Cabbage.

In Point Salad, a certain amount of cards, in accordance with the player count, are used to create a deck, which is divided into three piles with the scoring conditions-side of the cards facing up. From each pile, two cards are drawn and placed in a column below the pile with the veggies side up. And that is really all there is to it, as far as the setup of the game is concerned.

Taking turns, players choose between taking a Point card or two Veggie cards from the table. They place said cards in front of them and try to make ingenious combos with the veggies, using the scoring conditions. A few examples of the scoring conditions: Carrot gives you three points and an Onion minus two; or a Tomato, a Lettuce and a Cabbage card combo gives you eight points; or when you got the most Peppers you get seven points.

When all cards are taken and placed, the game ends. The points are tallied and the player with the most points win the game. Point Salad plays so quick, we more often than not play a couple of rounds to determine the winner.

Final Verdict
The good thing about Point Salad is the easy gameplay, so before you know it, you can play another game, because it doesn't get boring. Due to the overload of scoring conditions, every game is unique and with the choice you have to make between taking a Point card or two Veggies card, things can become very interesting really quick. Because all cards are played open, you can really thwart other players' plans. Say you get a scoring condition that requires a lettuce, you can count on the other players taking all the lettuce right from under your nose, which means you'll have to change your strategy in order to still come out on top.

Point Salad has got a very family friendly feel to the game. The artwork is simple and colorful. The cards could have been a bit thicker, but then again, Point Salad also has a very friendly price. It is definitely a great filler game and because of the small size it is very easy to bring along with you wherever you go. So, in short; Point Salad is a great and tasty little game, with some nice flavors to it.

White Goblin Games (Dutch version) & Alderac Entertainment Group
Year of release: 2019
Designer: Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin and Shawn Stankewich
Artist: Dylan Mangini
Players: 2 - 6 players, ages 8 & up
Playtime: approx. 20 minutes