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By Rick "Herr Doktor von Brienenstein" van Brienen on November 15, 2017

Aaaahh.. the smell of burning worms, the dreaded water and the absolute madness going on everywhere on the battlefield. Worms Battlegrounds is free in this month's PsPlus+ and that makes me a happy, happy man!

Worms does not really change that much, although they release a Worms game almost every year! Team17's motto:"Don't fix what isn't broken." How right they are! Let's get started, shall we?

Worms as we know them!
Worms Battlegrounds is a classic Worms game, just like the ones from the 90's. No 3D here, just simple but very powerful 2D graphics. However this worms is kind of different, Worms Battlegrounds only came out on the PS4 and Xbox One. Starting up this game gave me an enormous nostalgia kick! Seeing the landscapes, crazy weapons and hearing those worms scream with their accents.. ahh amazing.

Bling? or Armored to the teeth?!
Customization plays a big part in this game. Back in the 90's you could give your worms names and some kind of funky tombstone. But in this game you can actually dress up your team as you see fit! Make them look like some wannabe rappers or the worst and most incapable army squad you've ever seen, anything goes! This really adds up to the classic gameplay that, as I've already mentioned, has barely changed.

Say hello to my little friend
The coolest thing about every Worms game is the craziness. Weapons play a really big part. Having a crazy arsenal of absurd weapons like the falling donkey statue, holy hand grenade or the ever-so tricky cluster hand grenade makes this game the ideal party game, you're always smiling! Playing this game all by yourself isn't really what it's meant for. Luckily the unique turn-based play style of worms makes it so that you can play with 3 friends on 1 console with 1 controller! perfect! Or enjoy a nice online multiplayer match! and when I say enjoy, I mean hitting your own worm with a bazooka rocket because the wind has just changed! Yay! But that's the Worms we all know and love.

Worms and... Real estate?
There is a new game mode in Worms Battlegrounds! Forts! Defend your fort and besiege the enemy! Awesome! For example, your fort is on the left side of the map, and your opponent's fort on the most right side of the map. This really changes the classic play style. Now you find yourself planning even more ahead, spending turns only travelling to heights or strategic positions. I really like this game mode! it's a bit slower but I think it's more rewarding. There's isn't much more to say really. As for a new game mode, leaderboards and a handful of new weapons, this is just a classic worms with today's graphics. in one word: Amazing.

Alright! Whew... I love this game, as I do all the Worms games. Craziness is my forte. There's absolutely no reason you should not grab this game! Turn based combat, crazy explosions, unexpected results but still fun, strategic gameplay and endless multiplayer options! Now I'm gonna dress up my worms, preparing them for war! Doctor over and out, Hooah!

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Team 17
May 13, 2014