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By Robin "Forerunner" Ritzen on April 7, 2021

Outriders is a chaotic shooter made by People Can Fly and Square Enix. For me, this game seemingly came out of nowhere, which is always a nice surprise. The question is: was it really the nice surprise I hoped it would be? We will find out the answer to that question a little further on in this review. So, let's dive in!

Outriders is a third-person shooter similar to Gears Of War but mixed with some role-playing elements. This means you get to choose from one of four classes at the beginning of the game, which determines your special abilities. The combat in Outriders feels very satisfying. You can send your enemies into oblivion with a vast array of weapons while dodging bullets left and right. Like most shooters, Outriders allows you to get into cover and play the long game. However, I feel like People Can Fly very much more encourages the player to keep moving and take a more direct course of action. Sitting in one place for too long gives your enemies a chance to pile up and absolutely obliterate you when you move away from that cover. Use your special abilities to get out of hairy situations or use them to begin the fight with an upper hand. Oh, and by the way, did I already mention you can enjoy this carnage with some friends? Outriders can be played together with two other players, so be sure to invite your friends for this one.

Now, this is all sounds very cool and I'm sure you already can't wait to begin playing, but hold on! This game is not only about creating utter carnage and destruction. It features a grim yet cool story as well. The year is 2032, Earth is becoming ever more unstable with huge earthquakes and even bigger tsunamis engulfing whole cities. Nobody really knows where these events are coming from: climate change... secret experiments carried out by the government... who knows?! But the fact is that these phenomena are here and humanity will have to deal with them best they can... oh boy, are we in trouble!

With the situation becoming ever more dreadful every single day, the Enoch Colonization Authority was set up in a dire attempt to create, not one, but two huge colonization ships: the S.M Flores and the Caraval. Both ships are tasked with the mission to ensure humanity's survival as a species. This is where you, the player become important. You are an Outrider, tasked to scout humanity's new home planet Enoch, making sure everything is safe for the S.M Flores to land and start colonizing the planet. At first, Enoch looks like a paradise, perfect for whatever is left of humanity to thrive and start a new life. However, things get very ugly very fast but that is something you should experience for yourself! So, what are you waiting for?! Get colonizing already!

So, as you can probably tell, I love what People Can Fly did with Outriders and its story. But the launch hasn't been perfect, which is something that should be talked about. At the moment of writing this review, Outriders is very unstable and is experiencing some connectivity problems. This is a shame because, like stated before, the game is heavily centered around an awesome multiplayer experience. I spent most of my time playing solo, so apart from some minor bugs, I did not come across something game-breaking. However, it is definitely a shame that yet another multiplayer game has a rocky launch like this. Outriders should also feature cross-platform play but that, unfortunately, got completely removed for the time being due to the aforementioned connectivity issues. With that being said, I am thoroughly positive People Can Fly is doing everything they can to resolve the problems at hand as quickly as possible. They have already promised to be very transparent about all issues with the game and how they are going to fix them.

I personally can't wait to continue with the story of Outriders and later on, play this game with some friends and engage in the multiplayer side of things. So, to answer the question if Outriders was a pleasant surprise: yes, even with the problems that currently seem to plague the game. I've personally already had tons of fun with it and I'm sure People Can Fly will resolve the current issues, making it even more fun to be the best Outrider you can be and try to save humanity from extinction in this truly fun and engaging game! Outriders currently costs €59.99 on steam, so be sure to pick it up and give Outriders a go for yourself!

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People Can Fly & Square Enix
April 1, 2021