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By Robin "Forerunner" Ritzen on August 31, 2020

Ride 4 is a motorcycle race game made by the racing game adepts at Milestone. The game launched October fifth, so if you like what you hear during the following review, don't hesitate to pick it up right now! Ride 4 is available on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

Racing bikes around on track always has something special to it. Just you, your bike and the beautiful sound of whatever you've got between your legs (motorcycle-wise, of course.). Ride 4 managed to capture that feeling perfectly. As an avid motorcycle fan and rider myself, this game is exactly what I was waiting for!

So, let's talk about what this game really is. Ride 4 is, just like MotoGP 2020, created by the good people at Milestone. However, that doesn't mean these games are similar. Yes, you race motorcycles in both of them but they are very different. Ride 4 is more about road bikes which you and me are actually familiar with. I love firing up the game with a few mates and we all pick the bike we have stored in our own garage to race them around in the game. The motorcycles Ride 4 offers look absolutely beautiful and are made with great eye to detail. They are also completely customizable, from performance to cosmetic changes. And not only the motorcycles are customizable, though. A variety of different helmets and suits for the rider are also available. It's really fun to be able to choose from suits and helmets I actually use myself.

All that fun and I haven't even started playing yet! The game starts off with a little intro race on the Yamaha R6 which is actually my favorite bike! This game could not have a better start then this. The riding feels really good and you actually can almost feel every bump in the road as you lean in to take corners at 200 km/h. Being able to change the amount of anti-wheelie and traction control on track while riding is a nice addition as every bike feels completely different. I usually play in third person mode as I like to see the bike I'm racing on but switching to first person mode immediately gets you invested in the ludicrous speeds and close racing with your opponents. The great exhaust sounds only add to this experience! It seems some developers forget how important sounds are in racing games, but Ride 4 really nailed it!

This brings me to the only small critique point. The AI feels really good 90 percent of the time. They really go for gaps but leave enough room to race cleanly. I did notice, however, that during almost every race, the first-place rider just disappears into the sunset, never to be seen again. It's a small problem and I'm sure it's something easily fixed by Milestone. Or maybe I'm just to slow to keep up with the rider in first place. Either way, it's something small I noticed but definitely not something game breaking.

Ride 4 features a really well-built career mode, which is definitely a step up from Ride 3's career mode. Completing challenges and races to get higher up and participating in competitive series and even endurance races is a great way to keep the game interesting hour after hour. Ride 4 also features a pretty in depth weather system and a live track. This means different weather conditions can emerge over the course of a single race. This system works best in the endurance races. Starting off on a wet track and slowly seeing a dry line appear really adds to the already awesome experience. Fuel consumption and tire wear is also well executed. The numerous different tire compounds really make for a really high level of strategy in these endurance races.

Ride 4 is an awesome game that has more than enough content to keep you busy for days on end. It features beautiful graphics and great bike handling, the combination of which makes for interesting and fun races, often making me sit at the very edge of my seat. So my conclusion is simple; If you love games and bikes, Ride 4 is a definite must have!

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October 5, 2020