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By Thomas "StrictlyBacon" Turlings on November 14, 2018

Have you ever woken up and wondered; Why aren't there any Vikings fighting for shawarma right now? If you have, I might have found the perfect game for you: Swords & Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon. I have to admit, when I first heard about the fact that this game was a side-scrolling RTS I didn't think that this game would be that great, after all, the only side-scrolling RTS I have ever encountered was a flash game which used a total of 6 buttons, including 2 arrow keys. But I have to say that this game greatly surpassed my expectations and turned out to be a really fun gaming experience.

The campaign lets you play as a better version of the Vikings we know in our world, mostly because these Vikings put wheels and a mouth on their Base. You join chief Redbeard in his fight against other Vikings, Persians and demons. From golf courses to the underworld, you're going to experience it all!

This game has two major features: the campaign and the battles, which both revolve around the side-scrolling RTS concept. You and your opponent both have a base and a way to gather resources. The AI has 3 difficulties; Easy, Normal and Hard. You will work through tiers and unlock better troops as the battle progresses. The game has a fun and casual vibe to it, and the campaign is full of humour without it bordering towards feeling like a game aimed at little children.

The controls are pretty straightforward; the numbers on your keyboard are used for spells and you use your mouse to assign units, use spells or move the camera. This makes the controls easy to learn, giving anyone a chance to jump into this game without needing too much guidance. I have not encountered any glitches/bugs in the game so far, and if you so fancy, you can always wiggle your mouse around on the main menu to see the background move.

The game is drawn in a fun, cartoon-y style, making you feel less sad about the murders you're committing and the sheep that you're turning into kebab in the middle of battle. Thanks to the comically drawn 2D graphics, this game will be much easier for less state-of-the-art computers to handle in comparison to games like Rainbow Six: Siege and Call of Duty. The background feels like a Disney movie thanks to the layers moving at different speeds to simulate distance when moving over the battlefield.

The sounds in this game are a perfect match for every other thing that happens on your screen, from the voice acting which makes you chuckle from time to time, to the happy music in the background; there isn't a moment where I wanted to turn any of the sliders to zero because it all feels so connected to this wacky world you're playing in.

I really enjoyed playing this game to take my mind away from other games, and I might've spent too much time trying to get to the top of the leader boards while I found out there were two small mini-games. These two mini-games have you punching berserkers in a drunken rage or blasting demons with fireballs to defend Fluffy the sheep.

If you have nostalgic memories of the old side-scrolling flash games, or if you want to try something new that isn't a first person shooter, this game is a definite must-have!

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Ronimo Games
November 6, 2018