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By Tom "El Diablo" Brock on June 13, 2019

I was just minding my own business on a random afternoon when suddenly I get a text from Lady DumeeGamer herself, saying: "Tom, you own a Nintendo Switch, right? And you like fighting games right?" So I replied with a double yes and before I even knew it I was playing Boxing Champs!

Boxing Champs is a fun little cartoon boxing game, developed by Sydney, Australia based Raz Games. Playing this game is a really nice way to get some aggression out of your system while, at the same, having fun doing so! You can create your own fighter and box your way up to the championship fights in career mode or just hop in for a quick casual match with fighters that are already incorporated into the game and just punch some people in the face!

First order of business: creating your fighter! (or, if you're a bit on the lazy side, choose one of thirty pre-made fighters already in the game. Choose your body type, skin color, hai color, hair style and more and personalize your cartoon contender to your liking. Boxing Champs provides you with more than enough options to do so, so go nuts!

Gameplay-wise, Boxing Champs is really easy to get used to. You move your character around with the left thumb stick and throw punches by using either your ABXY buttons and both triggers or your right thumb stick. Blocking, a very essential part of the game, is done with the bumpers of your controller. This game can be won by simply button mashing, but I've learned that it helps to tactically string together some combos. I for one, have had great success using the jab-jab-uppercut combo! (Seriously, OP as hell)

Boxing Champs also gives you the option to get in on some local multiplayer boxing action. That way you can finally beat that one annoying friend you have senseless, whereas you couldn't even touch him in real life. (Nobody? Really?! Is that just me?). The multiplayer element is a great feature and fun addition to the game and makes for some great fun when gaming with (and subsequently beating up) your friends.

This game is perfect for what it aims to be; a fun, cartoony boxing game that doesn't require you to play too seriously. The career mode is a nice race to the top of the rankings and the gameplay is nice and easy. Plus it's not expensive, so you have absolutely no for not picking this up! Just go for it and become the world's greatest Boxing Champ!

available on:

Raz Games
May 30, 2019 (PC)
June 20, 2019 (Switch)