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By Tom "El Diablo" Brock on August 26, 2020

What happens when the battle royale concept meets a combination of Takeshi's Castle and WipeOut? You get one of the most pure fun games in existence!

So, seemingly out of nowhere, this new game called Fall Guys burst onto the scene on PC and PS4 and more people started playing and loving the game every single day that went by since. With it's funny looking cartoon-like style graphics and a collection of quick mini-games that pretty much anyone can win, it's not hard to see why this game appeals to this huge player-base.

On to the more important questions, like: "How does it work?" Well, let me summarize it for you! Sixty players drop into a server, but only one of them will get the crown that goes with the ultimate victory. Through a series of random mini-games, the game eliminates players until there are few enough players left to play the final. In that final, which is played in (at the time of writing) one out of four game modes, only one player comes out victorious and adds a crown to his or her name.

The mini-games in Fall Guys vary from straight up obstacle races towards a distant finish line, to playing tail tag, to team game modes, to survival games like a sweeper that wildly resembles the one in Total WipeOut. The best part of this all is the fact that there are no objectively good or bad mini-games! After getting opinions from my colleagues here at DumeeGamer and a few other friends, it has become clear to me that everyone likes and dislikes different mini-games. Fellow reviewer Demius, for example, (go check out his review of Fire Emblem: Three Houses after you finish this one) loves the Jinx mini-game, which is basically a huge team game of tag, whereas I would prefer not to come across that specific mini-game during my quest for the crown. When playing with my party of friends and we reached the final; the game in question turned out to be Hexagone. Three members of the group immediately went "FUCK'S SAKE", whereas I'm like: "OH HELL YEAH; GET IN!"

Another noteworthy fact; the developers really listen carefully to what their player-base has to say. For example, players complained about things like getting two team games in a row and having to go through all the other players when spectating before finally finding your fellow party members who were still in the game after you got eliminated. Both of these "problems" and several others have been addressed and fixed in the most recent patch, the details of which are posted on the official Fall Guys Twitter account (go follow them btw, they've got some seriously good content).

All in all, Fall Guys is the most pure fun game I have played in a long time. In a year where we can all use some fun and laughs, this game comes in to cheer us all up! I don't think there has been a game that I can simply keep playing without it ever getting boring quite like Fall Guys. Of course you get a little annoyed when you get eliminated, but instead of making you ragequit, it just makes you want to get back into the game to get that crown!

If you have not downloaded Fall Guys yet, and you're not on Xbox or Switch, do you hate fun or something? Like seriously, it is the single most fun to play game at the moment! It's free with Playstation Plus on PS4 right now and it's only a mere 20 bucks on Steam! Hope to see you all there, when I leave you in the dust and get my hands on the crown in the final!

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Mediatonic & Devolver Digital
August 4, 2020