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By Tom "El Diablo" Brock on October 23, 2017

So, let me just start by saying that I will try to reduce the spoiler level of this review as much as possible, but I can't promise that I won't accidentally drop a few. So, if I spoil anything, I'm REALLY sorry... well, then again, there is a little bit of Cartman in me, so I just realised that I actually really don't care that much... Okay, let's get into this!

I have had to wait for far too long for this game to finally come out and grace my PS4 with it's gloriousness. I was actually meant to play this damn game back in December last year, but delays are unfortunately a thing nowadays, so shit happens. But October 17, 2017 marked the day I could finally get my hands on South Park; the Fractured But Whole, and boy did it make me laugh. (In a good way, not because the game is laughably bad or something... No, don't say it is, because it's really good, okay?!)

Okay, so before I get into any actual gameplay aspects of the Fractured But Whole, let me start by saying that this is without a doubt the funniest game I've ever played. It's South Park humour at its best. The subtle digs at certain people, beating up people for saying things that are not PC, farting, some of the ways you have to beat certain boss battles, some unexpected characters returning, farting, member berries, farting, the difficulty settings, your backstory... oh, and did I mention farting yet?

The transition from The Stick of Truth to the Fractured But Whole is really quick and sudden, but it works because you have to keep in mind that these guys are still fourth graders and can decide to play something else at any sudden moment. So away from the fantasy world we move to the realm of the super heroes (great decision, by the way!). Injustice watch out, Coon & Friends are here.

Combat-wise, The Fractured But Whole is comparable to the Stick of Truth, as it's turn-based once again, but this time there is way more tactics involved, seeing as how you have to move across the battlefield in order to hit or avoid certain foes. Throughout the game you receive new classes for your hero, which give you the opportunity to put together your battle abilities from a larger amount of moves and ultimates. You can have a maximum of four heroes in your battle team and it's advisable to switch them up regularly, in order to find out which of our characters work best against what kind of opponent.

Outside of combat, while walking through South Park, you're going to have to solve a few small puzzles by using your powers and allies, nothing too challenging here, but a nice little aspect that makes walking through town just that little more interesting. This, of course, apart from the encounters with other groups of people who seem to want nothing more than to kick your ass!

The game is absolutely filled to the brim with awesome missions! Aside from the main storyline, the Fractured but Whole provides us with some great and funny side missions too. From spreading headshots for a counsellor to helping Randy find out who keeps scratching his car at night, it's absolutely fucking hilarious. Completing these side missions will allow you to get new assists for when you're in combat, new items and even help you find out who you really are.

So as of right now, I have absolutely no clue how far I've made it through the game, but I do think I've figured out who the main villain is, spoiler alert: it's not Professor Chaos. However I won't spoil who the actual main villain is. But believe me as I say you will probably have forgotten all about this character and you will probably shit your pants laughing as you find out who it is!

So, you could say I'm very pleased with South Park; the Fractured But Whole, but my work is not done yet, luckily for me I still have a lot of the game left to play! If you are a South Park fan and own a next gen console or a decent PC, there is absolutely NO excuse for you to not pick up this game. It's South Park at its best and you'll love all the characters that play a role in it. So forget King Douchebag and enter the world of Buttlord to fight crime and make millions of dollars on movies and Netflix series! So yes, it had been a long wait, but our patience is more than rewarded, so it was all worth it in the end. I can only say that The Fractured But Whole is my personal favourite game of the year!

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October 17, 2017