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By Tom "El Diablo" Brock on June 24, 2020

The first of the two eagerly awaited DLC expansions for Pokémon Sword & Shield has finally arrived, so let's continue our journey in the Galar region as we travel to the Isle of Armor!

With this new DLC, we have a couple of nice new things to do in this latest installment of the core Pokémon games that is Pokémon Sword & Shield. For starters, we have a nice little story built around new legendary Pokémon Kubfu and his evolution Urshifu. Upon arriving on the island, you are told to head to the dojo for a bit of special training. Once you've completed this training you get gifted Kubfu, a little bear with the heart of a true fighter.

It's up to you to befriend this cute little bear and train him to get ready to face either the Tower of Darkness or the Tower of Water, in order for him to evolve to Urshifu; a powerful fighting master specialized in either the sudden strike or rapid strike fighting style depending on which tower has been challenged. Once you have completed the tower challenge, you can also choose to give Urshifu a Max Soup, which will allow him to Gigantamax and you'll be able to battle the sensei of the dojo.

The story is a nice little add-on to keep you entertained for a bit. Kubfu is a Pokémon who's easy to love given his cute design and desire to become a great fighter. And Urshifu is a great addition for your endgame team with his hard hitting offense. The characters you meet through this little adventure are quite diverse and fun to interact with, so there's enough reason to give this story a try and have some fun with it!

Another thing the developers added to the game within the DLC is the return of the buddy system! A feature that has been actively requested by fans ever since Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver!!! The surprising part is that they didn't even reveal this feature in the trailers before the release of this DLC, so I was completely taken by surprise to suddenly see Kubfu running behind me everywhere I went on the island. A lovely addition to the game if you ask me. I do think it's a shame this is only possible on the Isle of Armor and not on the mainland of the Galar region. However, the fact that the buddy system has returned in the first place is a big enough plus by itself, so I'm not too bothered.

Although the story is quite nice, the Isle of Armor definitely appeals most to the Pokémon trainers that live the motto "Gotta catch em all!", seeing as how a ton of returning Pokémon have been added to the game with this DLC, available to catch on the island! For the dex completionists like myself, this alone is reason enough to get the DLC! The addition of all these returning Pokémon also means that you can now also import those Pokémon from Pokémon Home, which will mean a sweet reunion with some of your favorites from previous adventures.

Lastly, I would like to talk about the scenery within the Isle of Armor for a bit. I am absolutely convinced that the game just looks twice as good on the Isle of Armor compared to mainland Galar. It could just be the lovely scenery of the island, but I feel like the DLC looks so much better, graphics-wise, than the main game! The fields, forest and beaches are absolutely beautiful and make you want to spend hours and hours there and simply have fun!

So, my verdict. Should you get the Isle of Armor DLC? I mean, okay; you can probably guess my answer, but here it is: Yes! It's a fun little story expansion and it's tons of fun to be back on the grind for dex completion once again! The scenery of the island just ads to the overall experience! You'll have a great time, I promise!

Just watch out for wild Sharpedo, that's all I'm saying... They're scary!

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Game Freak (website in Japanese) & The Pokémon Company & Nintendo
June 18, 2020