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By Tom "El Diablo" Brock on August 2, 2018

Hello readers, long time no speak! You might wonder why it's taken so long for me to talk to you guys again, but don't worry; there's a perfectly good explanation. As it's currently 2000 degrees in Holland I just had to get away from it all, so I bought a ticket and lifted off. TO SUPER DESTRONAUT DX BABYYYYY! Haha, you guys fell for it didn't you? Actually thinking I was going to head outside for once, pathetic. But yeah let's dive right into it!

Super Destronaut DX is an absolutely brilliant take on the Space Invaders game (one of my favourite games of all time). You can launch it whenever you want, because it does not require a connection to the internet, and you can instantly start shooting the crap out of some aliens, and we all know you can't go wrong there, right?

In Super Destronaut DX, you get 3 lives to absolutely annihilate all the alien forces making their way down on the planet, it's up to you to kill every last one of them before they reach the ground. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong! These sneaky little bastards will shoot back at you with every chance they get to do it, some of them will shoot beams straight down underneath them, some will aim directly at you, some of them shoot some tricky shots and some of them will shoot you with homing rockets. The really good part is that, if you're skilful enough, you'll be able to dodge them. The less good part is however, that a kid like me sometimes is so focussed on bringing total destruction to my enemies that I forget that bullets can come from every direction. The game does help you out though, because if you manage to kill what I call: "the big boy alien in the back" it will grant you with a power-up for your bullets to kill your enemies much easier.

What adds an extra dimension of difficulty though, is that threats don't just come out of the sky but also from the surface. Every now and then, a fallen alien will come past over the ground, it doesn't move or shoot, but if you don't notice him and crash into him you will lose a life nevertheless, which is like the reason I die 9 out of 10 times, so keep an eye out for it!

Aside from all the modes you expect out of an alien invaders style game, Super Destronaut DX also brings in a fun challenge mode, which I found super convenient for learning the way the game works! They start off fairly easy but get much harder as you progress through them!

All in all, Super Destronaut DX is a game in its purest form, just lots of fun to play, it doesn't involve much thinking, it's just a fun way to relax whilst on your PS4. Another thing I loved about it is the fact that it literally takes so little space on your hard drive and you can have the full game installed within a minute.

Oh, and I got the platinum trophy in about 30 minutes, so all you trophy hunters out there, this is a must have game! So if you love yourself some Space Invaders, go pick up Super Destronaut DX, it's inexpensive, it's fun and it's a great way to pass the time and relax by shooting absolutely everything that moves!

available on:

Petite Games & Ratalaika Games
July 13, 2018