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By Tom "TomBsTone" Bronneberg on November 5, 2019

Soooo, what do you get when a game developer played a lot of super meat boy, contra and Bro-force while drinking a tray of Red-Bull and thought by himself "Wait a minute! I can do that."??? Well, you get Deep Space Rush; an action-packed-side-scrolling-shooter/platformer with randomly generated level design, in space.... (I thought I'd just mention that, in case this wasn't obvious from the game's title).

To be honest, the game's intro flew by at hyper speed, so even though it were only a few lines of text I couldn't read it fast enough to understand what the heck was going on. But according to what I remember and the description from the developer, you are a hero who joined the DeTeam (I guess the A/B/C teams were already dead or spoken for), which is part of a super-secret taskforce that protects scientific space stations from virus contaminations.

After the intro, we're going right into the action. It took me literally 31 minutes to get all the PS4 trophies including the platinum ones, and another 45 minutes after to get all my weapons and items to max level. The brevity of this process is probably also my one and only small complaint about the game, because even after maxing out everything I still couldn't help myself and just kept returning to the space stations to kick some more virus ass!

The levels are randomly generated and entertaining enough to keep playing. During your level play-through, your goal seems to be to collect more weapons and get as far as possible, while killing as much enemies as possible. I also like the feature that the levels tend to be scrolling left or right as part of the random generator. When you die, and yes you will die, there's an indicator stating how far you have come. This is somewhat reminiscent of the mobile runner games of old. So next time you play a level, you will have to try and get further than your high score... and herein lies Deep Space Rush main strength. It challenges you to do better, so you keep coming back because you really want to get further than last time. Maybe there's an end to this level ?? I don't honestly know, I never found one. But that damn personal best keeps lingering in the back of my mind, compelling me time and time again to try again and do better.

The design is pretty straight forward pixelated artwork, but that's just fine. The game is fast and full of excitement and sometimes really difficult. You are free to try different playstyles like "just run as fast as you can" or "just kill everything that moves". Neither seems to be the best way to go or, at least, they both keep giving me the same results. I like the different weapon styles and add-ons, but the game doesn't tell you what they do, so you will have to figure it out for yourself. Luckily, it's pretty clear what they do and you will find your "jam" soon enough.

Considering the fun there is to be had by playing the game, as well as its price, Deep Space Rush is a great way to spend some hours clearing your head and releasing some of your weekly frustrations.

Good job!

available on:

BUG-Studio & Ratalaika Games
October 22 - 23, 2019