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Played by Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee & Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee

What were the first thoughts when you heard about Destiny?


Okay, but seriously now.

Right, well the first thing I thought was: I hope itís not going to be like Halo.

Why not? Halo is a cool game, isnít it?

Halo is indeed a cool game. But because itís the same developer, I was kind of hoping that it wouldnít be a Halo clone which, luckily, it isnít. Though the lay-out looks pretty much the same, the game itself is totally different.

Is it because we have our own spaceship now?

Thatís one of the reasons. But also because you have a robot sidekick instead of a female sidekick. A sidechick...

Whahahaha, not funny. But I think the robot is cool.

Yeah, it is. Do you think Destiny is going to bring us something new, something different compared to other multiplayer games?

Well, there are some slight differences, like when you get the message that you enter the darkness. Nobody can join you at that point. Youíre on your own. But I have the feeling the best is yet to come.

I like that you can choose whether you going to level your character or just press on with your mission. One time I was working with three other players and we entered a little cave. We found a chest, which we naturally looted. But then we were attacked by AI, a lot of AI. They kept spawning, I suspect that might have been a bug or something.

I like that you can replay the missions. When youíve completed them, you can replay them at another difficulty setting. Or just play the Player versus Player mode again and again. Mwoohaha, leveling up the ass.

What about the equipment? Every piece of equipment changes your appearance. I know, not very innovative, but every game has its own style. And Destiny is no exception. Great stuff.

And depending of the sort of equipment, you can upgrade the stuff. Thatís always good.

Summarizing, Destiny looks promising and the beta is showing you just the tip of the iceberg. The maps are extensive, so I get why the beta is 14 gigs large. It gives you a good idea of whatís possible in the full game.

So now all that's left to do is wait until September, when we finally get to play the full game!

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Bungie & Activision
September 9, 2014