diana;;ferry;;tomb raider;;action;;adventure;;third person;;crystal dynamics;;square enix Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee & Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams


Played by Diana (DumeeGamer) & Ferry (Lord Sadhonker)

Iím having second thoughts here. Tomb Raider never worked for me in the old days.

Nice curves though. Ouch!

Now that weíve got that settled, letís play. This looks promising, it looks beautiful!

Thatís what I said. Stop poking me! I was talking about the graphics.

You had that coming. Nevertheless, what strikes me is the improvement of the controls. It plays like a dream.

I bet she does... but I digress. I must agree itís a giant step forward from the previous games. The graphics are great, the game play fluid. Everything is just a major improvement.

Not everything. I just found out I have to kill a deer.

Here, let me have a go. I never liked Bambi anyway.

Moving on, this is gripping stuff. I really like where this game is going. Whatís next?

Hold your horses. First we have to search for collectibles and salvage.

But I want to know what happens next. I look for salvage and collectibles in my second play through.

You could do that, but then your gear doesnít get upgraded as much as it could.

Oh all right. I just feel sorry for Lara. Only sad stuff is happening to her. Not that Iím complaining, it gives the overall story much more depth.

Wow, whatís that? Watch out, the enemies are coming out of the woodwork.

Iíll take care of them! Here you go bad guys, an arrow in your eye! There, that takes care of them. Now to make my way to that cave.

Hold on a sec, you didnít check that corner.

Damn that corner. Iím going.

You do that. Iíll start over on my own.

available on:

Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix
March 5, 2013
January 28, 2014 (PS4)