diana;;daemonos;;band;;interview Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee Here at DumeeGamer.com, we do not only concern ourselves with playing games. Our very own Ferry “Sadhonker” Adams is also drummer in a Death metal band. And playing in a band means you get to meet other bands at gigs. This is exactly how we met the guys from Daemonos. And as luck would have it, they’re also into playing videogames! Time for a little videogame-talk, don’t you think?


By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee and Daemonos on May 5, 2016

Here at DumeeGamer.com, we do not only concern ourselves with playing games. Our very own Ferry “Sadhonker” Adams is also drummer in a Death metal band. And playing in a band means you get to meet other bands at gigs. This is exactly how we met the guys from Daemonos. And as luck would have it, they’re also into playing videogames! Time for a little videogame-talk, don’t you think?

First things first, who are the guys that call themselves Daemonos?

The band recently went through some line-up changes but currently Daemonos is:

Mike Vogels – Vocals
Robin Ritzen – Guitar
Tom Bronneberg – Guitar
Boet Bouten – Bass
Rik Ritzen - Drums

And why start a band together?

The brothers Ritzen started playing their instruments at early age and always dreamt of forming a band to create music to their own liking. One thing led to another and others came by and they started out as a four-piece band. Only time would bring some line-up changes yet all remain friends, but it was mostly the urge to bring out original music to our own liking.

What is your favorite Daemonos song?

That would be our latest song named I.N.R.I.; this song will soon be unleashed upon mankind as we are currently recording that particular one. At least this will be our favorite song until new material comes out, haha.

What bands served as your inspiration?

That would be bands such as Marduk, Belphegor, Nile, Dark Fortress and Kataklysm. They provide a fine source of inspiration since the beginning.

Last time we met, we talked about how you guys love to play videogames. So, for our first videogame-related question, let’s start with a statement many gamers are familiar with: PC or console? And don’t fight!

Mike: I prefer the console, because what is better than being a lazy fat-ass on the couch with a bottle of Fanta, trying to conquer a game with a controller while failing miserably because I accidently put the Dark Souls disc in. For your information, I suck really hard at this game and after trying over 120 times (kidding I rage-quit after 10 tries max) of defeating a certain enemy! ARGH!

Robin: Console it is! I don’t like dividing gamers in groups based on what platform they play (except if your name is Mike and play in a band named Daemonos) we are one happy family. Yet I prefer the console because I can sit on a couch and play on a big television.

Rik: Xbox master race! I just want to throw in a disc, get comfy in a good seat and play!

Tom: Console (Tom is a man of many words!)

Boet: Console. More specifically handheld consoles. My gaming experience began with a Gameboy Advance SP when I was 8 years old, playing Pokemon and Super Mario. I never had a PC good enough to play games with, so I have always played on consoles. I was too young to experience the glory days of the PlayStation 2, so I first played on Wii and after that PlayStation 3.

Do you guys have any songs that are inspired by videogames?

Currently we have this song named “Inhuman”, which also can be found on YouTube as a studio video clip. This song contains some certain builds up to a certain point at the end of the song. In here the lyrics go “Shaped as the White Wolf”, which will probably be enough for gamers to recognize now isn’t it? Maybe we should do a proper version about this White Wolf in the future though, our vocalist would sure as hell support that idea.

What are you favorite game genres?

Mike: Mine would be (J)RPG’s followed up by Horror. This last one because I sometimes love screaming out loud like a little girl while peeing my pants. This first one because I love roaming huge ass worlds and meeting strange but awesome creatures! Especially The Witcher series. But I really enjoy all types of games, when it is fun to play, I play.

Robin: RPG’s, that’s for sure. Games such as The Witcher, Dark Souls and Skyrim. I like to play games on my own way and I don’t like games that force you to play in a certain style that I do not like. I do however make an exception for the Halo and Battlefield series.

Rik: RPG’s, and more specific RPG’s with a medieval setting. Games such as The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher or Dark Souls. This mostly because of the fact that I am fascinated by anything medieval or Viking age related.

Tom: Dark Souls and Demon Souls :D

Boet: RPG’s. The concept of creating a character with it’s own look and behavior always had my fascination. I also love an open world setting, I don’t like narrow and compressed worlds that don’t give you any freedom to do stuff on your own. My other favorite genre is probably platforming. I played tons of Castlevania when I was a kid, and I have always loved those kind of sidescrolling walk left – walk right type of games.

Are/were there moments when the whole band came together to play videogames? (at somebody’s house or online)

Robin and Mike played GTA V Online once together. Although what started as some serious fun ended up in a total failure – after Mike tried to get his headset to work we only had a few hours left to play. Yet when we actually started we ended up destroying everything that could be destroyed – and running each-other over every single time. But we should do more of this in the future. Maybe even getting together and spend an evening laughing at each others failures in Dark Souls – except at Tom, as Tom is master Dark Souls himself.

Sometimes bands collaborate on writing music for a game. Is that something on the Daemonos bucket list?

It is not something we discussed really yet it probably will be now! As long as the game would be pretty brutal in which the music would fit it will probably be something we shall do. Like the Polish band Vader did once for The Witcher, something like that would be totally awesome!

Now let’s go back in time a bit. What was the very first videogame you remember playing?

Mike: My very first videogame was a karting game with weird animals quickly followed by the Prince Of Persia (the one from 1989 – although I played it years and years later). Quickly afterwards I began playing on the PlayStation with games such as Duke Nukem and Dead Ball Zone. Oh those good ol’ days!

Robin: My first games I put my fingers on were Freddy Fish and Pyjama Sam. If you don’t want to count that as ‘real’ games I would say the first Halo. I remember playing the campaign over 50 times as I wasn’t able to play online.

Rik: The first game I played as a kid has to be PutPut or Freddy Fish. Although the first ‘real’ game I picked up was Halo Combat Evolved, since then I am hooked on this particular franchise!

Tom: Bruce Lee on the Commodore 64 (Tom is the real MVP)

Boet: That’s a tough one. As far as I can remember, the very first one was probably Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Gameboy Advance SP. When my older brother got his Gameboy Advance SP 2 years before I did, the first game that came with it was that Mario game. I sucked at it really, yet I was only 6 years old at that time but it was quite fun. It’s either that game or Freddy Fish.

If you could be a videogame character for just one day, what character would that be, and why?

Mike: I recently played Until Dawn and The Witcher 3, so I have 3 possible characters at the moment, maybe even 5: 1. Mike from Until Dawn, not only his name is awesome but he also is that brave motherfu.. that puts his life on danger to save his friends! 2. Sam from Until Dawn, almost the same reason as Mike, although then I would be a girl. 3. Geralt of Rivia, since my addiction to the Witcher (I’ve played the games, read the books and now waiting for the other books to come out) I grew fond of this man. Long hair, awesome skills, no emotions, slaying beasts, earning coin, what else you want? 4. Yennefer, yes exactly the love of Geralts life, being one of the very much famous sorceresses and some well.. other reasons I keep to myself she is an awesome character. 5. Last but not least Ciri, this woman has the possibilities to become the best Witcher known to man without needing to get through the mutate stuff. Badass if you ask me – if you leave out the part of being hunted by the Wild Hunt.

Robin: Ezio from the Assassins Creed series. He managed to get old while being an Assassin, which looks easier than it seems, so I’m going with him.

Rik: Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher, the Dragonborn from Skyrim or Master Chief from Halo. Because they all kick some serious ass, but I really had to choose it would be the Dragonborn, because next to kicking ass all day he also gets some rest in one of his houses. A hero also deserves rest damnit!

Tom: Link from Legend Of Zelfa, so I could hit stuff with my sword, get money for it and rescue the princess.

Boet: I would love to be the Deadric Prince of Madness Sheogorath from Skyrim. I’d always loved characters that are kinda crazy, and Sheogorath fits that role perfectly. To just be a total out of control nutjob that goes around trolling people with his Wabbajack and talking about cheese and nawhales. Now that would be awesome!

And now, for the very last question; What are your thoughts on Garden Gnomes?

We really thought we wiped those little shitheads from the earth the first time, yet now you tell us they survived? The little bastards, we can not have world domination with these little stinkers crawling from their small houses, throwing with sand and biting our legs!

We like to thank the guys from Daemonos for taking the time to answer our questions, despite their undoubtely busy schedule. If you would like to know more about Daemonos (which you should!), their music or their planned gigs, please check their Facebook or their website (under construction at the time of writing).

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