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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 11, 2017

During Indigo 2017, I met the guys from Dreampunks, who were out there to show us two of their awesome games.

I first met Tristan Reimus, who is the project leader of the twenty five persons developers team for The Automatician. In this first person point-'n-click puzzle game, you play as Emma. You're in a Victorian house which holds several puzzles for you to solve. At the time of writing, the game offers a total of two or three hours of game play. The puzzles I played during my hands-on session were puzzles that consisted of multiple hexagonal pieces which had images of buildings and objects on them. These pieces have certain sides which need to connect to one another, or else you can't solve the puzzle.

After a couple of puzzles I received a little note with lines of different lengths and a picture of fire. At first I wasn't sure what to do with this clue, until I noticed some candles in a candelabra on both sides of the fire place. See where this is going? If you do, the Automatician is the game for you. And if you don't, you still need to play it, because you need the practice.

The Automatician has already been Greenlit on Steam and the plan is to launch the game later this year. And of course, Tristan had to answer our famous question: What are your thoughts on garden gnomes? Tristan: "Best feature in Plants versus Zombies."

But there is more; during my Automatician play through, another team of Dreampunks were preparing a second computer for Einar. And they invited me to try this game as well. Well, I'm always ready to try something new, so let's go!

The story of Einar is quite a simple (but cool) one; A meteor hits the planet and turns most of its inhabitants into bloodthirsty monsters. Being a huge fan of the God of War series, I immediately threw myself at the first group of enemies I encountered, tried to slash my way through them and.. died. Okay, this game asks a little more of the player then just hacking and slashing. You'll need to watch out so the opponents can't hit you, so make sure you use your evade button and your god powers: Thor's hammer, Tier's blocking shield and axe and Freya's bow and arrows.

The project leader Paul Ambrosiussen guided me; he was like a living tutorial. He showed me a really cool Easter egg in the game which made enemies perform Michael Jackson's Thriller routine. It was really cool and the game is filled with this kind of Easter eggs. Einar looks totally amazing and the good news is that you can play it totally for free when it releases. It offers an hour of searching for awesome Easter eggs and mighty battles all wrapped up in great looking graphics.

After I completed the demo I thanked Paul for his time and of course asked him about his thoughts on garden gnomes. His answer: "Play Einar and you'll find out."

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