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By Diana "DumeeGamer" Dumee on July 13, 2017

We met the awesome people of Rusty Lake for the first time when we visited Firstlook a couple of years ago. After that, we have had the honor of trying out a lot of their games. At Indigo 2017, we ran in to each other once more and the guys showed me their upcoming game: Paradise!

Paradise will lead the players through the famous ten plagues of Egypt, but in the characteristic Rusty Lake way. So you will not see any bible characters during play. No sir; Rusty Lake has brought some new characters to this game and fans of the series might recognize some familiar faces.

The first games by Rusty Lake were based on the Room Escape idea; you were in a room and had to solve puzzles to make your escape. Many games with the name Cube Escape followed. But later on, the developers let go of the Cube Escape idea. From that moment on you were able to "walk around" turning the Rusty Lake games into true point 'n click puzzle games. Their upcoming game, Paradise, is just like that. You can explore a lake and a forest and solve puzzles and mysteries as you go. That way, you can unlock the next level, one by one, in the order of the original plagues from the bible story.

I started the game and the first puzzle presented to me was one with a frog. He has to hop on water lily leaves in a pond, but in a particular order. I could only jump on each leaf once, had to finish on a specific leaf and make sure I hopped on all the other ones. This kind of brain bashers is what Rusty Lake games are filled with and I can honestly say that the Rusty Lake developers are truly brilliant when it comes to designing puzzles!

A couple of minutes later, I hear myself think: "where I can find five frogs and how on earth will I be able to change their color? And why did that strange man swallow the key I so desperately needed? Will the girl with the flute help me?" And no, I'm not going slightly mad; these unlikely events are actually part of the game.

Talking about crazy; how about I ask these guys about their thoughts on garden gnomes? Robin and Maarten: "Well, they actually would fit in our games, don't you think? Maybe you will cross paths with a Rusty Lake garden gnome in the future!"

When Paradise will be released has not been decided yet, but I do know one thing for certain. Whenever it launches it will be a brilliant game that is definitely worth playing!

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