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By Raymond "DuMeeple" Dumee on April 2, 2020

An invisible enemy is sweeping across the world in these uncertain times and the only thing we can do is stay the F at home. Well, what to do with all that time which, of course, you want to spend wisely. What to do when you are busy with NOT going to work, NOT spending quality time with your friends, and definitely NOT going to a bar for a nice, cold, refreshing drink?

Well, you could consider playing a super awesome board game, because board games are just that: awesome! Therefore, we would like to give you some info on the best board games you could play during these times of social distancing. With help from our friendly local game store 'Het Hobbelpaardje' (The Rocking Horse) and our friendly local web store 'De Spelletjes Vrienden' (Board Game Friends), we put together a list of six board games for you to consider playing during this time of trials and tribulations. So, without further ado, let's kick things off with our very first edition of "Keep Calm and Play Board Games"

Het Hobbelpaardje
Our friends at Het Hobbelpaardje advised us to play the many award winning game called Wingspan. In this card-driven engine builder, players must try to create the best and most comfortable habitats to attract cool birds. When playing Wingspan, you will get as close to actually walking around outside and do a little bit of birdwatching as you can get in these troubled times, without even having to go outside! How quarantine cool is that?

The second game they advised us to try is Point Salad. A small filler game to work up an appetite. Like, let's say, a starter course before the actual dinner. Point Salad is a Card Drafting game for the whole family, so that is a good thing. It's easy to play and doesn't take all that long, but please remember to refrain from actually eating this salad...

Spelletjes Vrienden
We also asked our friendly local web store "De Spelletjes Vrienden" what games they would advise us to play during this quarantine. The first game they recommended is Chronicles of Crime. This game is a nice and exciting detective game for the whole family. In Chronicles of Crime, you'll have to solve various crimes by making good use of your wits, a board and an app on your phone. The game is cooperative, so everybody wins (or loses), which also means no fighting in the house after the game ends. This, in my book, is truly a big plus!

It became apparent that the good people at "De Spelletjes Vrienden" really like Cooperative games. Their second suggestion is Similo; a Cooperative Deduction Card game. Your goal is to make the other players guess a secret card by using the clues on other cards. It is new, it is fun and, because there are multiple Similo sets available, you can combine decks to make it even more interesting.

The DuMeeples
My own ultimate quarantine recommendation is Everdell. My wife and I just started playing this game and we are already big fans and looking forward to seeing some expansions in the future. Working and placing your critters is so much fun and the game comes with such beautiful artwork that you'll quickly forget you are quarantined. The game even comes with a beautiful crafted Everdell tree. C'mon, who needs to go outside anyway?

The second game we would like to recommend is Museum by Holy Grail games. Especially for gamers who are dearly missing their visits to their favorite museums during this time of quarantine. With all those beautiful illustrations of real artifacts you would find in a museum, this game is a godsend to museum going people all over the world. Besides that, it is really fun to play this great set collection game. We actually did a full review about Museum a while ago, so why don't you head on over there and read it?

As you may have noticed, these two friendly stores are stationed in the Netherlands (where I live), so they are local business as far as I'm concerned. For some of you, these game stores might be a long, long way off, but I think you get the message I'm sending you. Support your local stores in these uncertain times and together, we can fight this battle and come out on top. And for Pete's sake; wash your hands!

Made possible by:
Het Hobbelpaardje & Spelletjes Vrienden