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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on May 29, 2019

Oh, hello there dear readers, here's a question for you: Have you ever had the feeling that you're really unwelcome at a certain location? Why do I ask? Well, let me explain; As Sadhonker told you 2 weeks ago, the AI we were combatting became a little more obedient after we.... euhm.... threw everything but the kitchen sink at it. Now, everything was fine and dandy after that and we did have some good times with several Disney princesses, or general characters in Sadhonker's case, because he somehow had a deep fascination for a rather large mouse with a bowtie for some reason...

Well, all that fun did not last I am afraid. Or at least not for me, so it would seem. While Sadhonker can move around the place without so much as a bleep or bloop from the AI, as soon as I even move out of this Time machine I get an absurd amount of kitchenware, random metal objects, bricks and, yes, even the damn kitchen sink thrown in my general direction by absolutely everyone! I even thought I saw Sadhonker joining in the mob at one point, shouting obscenities and throwing stuff at my face.

On the upside, now that you are here, I can finally take this machine for a spin again... Yes, I know it's only wednesday, but I really, really, REALLY need to get out of here! To do so, I plan to take a trip to a place that is a little less hostile towards my person. This, alas, is where the upside ends, which just leaves the downside... The downside to this uncheduled vacation is that I have no way of dealing with the current situation when I come back. Oh well, let's worry about that when we get back. For now, let's set our time dial to, hmmm what year shall we pick? I think 2008 should have some nice and docile games for us. Here.... WE..... GO..., wait, how did that dial become so sticky?

Ahhh 2008; a superb year. It was the year that Britney spears had an amazing meltdown, Wall-E hit the theaters and a year with good wines beers and everything else a simple man like me can get behind. What the hell is that? Is that a Rocket? HOLY HELL, DUCK BEHIND THAT WALL!!!


Ehm, what have we gotten ourselves into? Wait hold on... where has the wall we jumped behind gone? Oh god, I know where we have landed... Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Battlefield: Bad Company. I should've known that there was no chance of relaxation in the cards for me when I spun that dial. Anyway, this installment in the Battlefield series was one that was praised with being one of the best the series had ever seen. For the first time ever, a Battlefield game ran on the new in-house developed Frostbite Engine, which allowed for some insane highly destructible environments, hence the large hole that was once a wall we hid behind.

Battlefield: Bad Company featured a rather short but all the more funny Campaign mode that followed the exploits of B-Company, a group of soldiers that were well known for their... let's call it; ability to cause and run into trouble. The company wasn't really well-liked within the ranks of the US-military, but they still had their own particular set of skills and was comprised of the following characters: Terrence Sweetwater, transferred after he did or did not cause a virus infection on some military computers. George Gordon Haggard, Jr., sent to B-Company for his "Explosive" traits. Then there is the leader of the team Sergeant Samuel D. Redford, who volunteered for the position so that his term of service would get shortened. And last but not least, Preston Marlowe, the newbie to the team and, incidentally, the very character we get to play as.

Bad Company is renowned for a couple of things, one of which is the aforementioned destructible environments, but once you play trough the campaign the other thing is quickly discovered. B-Company is not your average group of soldiers; they go about things in their own special way and don't mind to get some personal gain out of it. So, maybe even for the first time in a First Person Shooter and combat simulator, you will most likely be laughing your ass off with the constant comic relief the team brings to the game, be it in cutscenes or even in high octane, lead-flying-everywhere situations. Nothing and no one is safe from the banter of Haggerd, Sweetwater and Redford. The game was a really refreshing take on how to some soldiers would talk amongst each other in the warzone.

Bad Company also had a multiplayer aspect to the game and, in true Battlefield fashion, in this multiplayer mode you can control all different kinds of vehicles and even the destructible environments were still there. This means that the normal FPS tactic of "Let's just hide behind this wall for a while" isn't really going to work or, at least, not for long, because before you know it that wall simply isn't going to be there anymore. The objective of the initially released Game mode "Gold Rush" is that one team comprised of a maximum of 12 players has to defend 2 crates of gold from another team of a max of 12 players. The opposing team's objective is to destroy said gold crates, while having a limited amount of respawns allotted to them, while the defending team has an infinite amount of respawns.

Due to the destructible environment, new type of game mode and the discrepancy in respawns a lot of new tactics had to be come up with, and that made sure that Bad Company will always hold a special place in the hearts of true Battlefield fans. Speaking about new tactics to overcome your adversaries; the time has come for me to face my demons in that dreaded place they call a theme park. Now, I am not sure what to do just yet, but I am sure this crate of C4 I borrowed from Haggard will find its way into my plan. For now I will say goodbye and see ya soon on another episode of the Big Red TimeMACHINE...INE...INE...INE...

Hmm... providing your own echo doesn't quite match up to the real thing, does it now? Anyway, take care and so long; I have some serious work to do!