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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on December 7, 2018

Hellooooo again, dear readers of the Big Red Timemachine!

As you might remember from the past two episodes, our head office is in a bit of a disarray. What ? yes I know it is usually not as orderly as some of you OCD types amongst the crowd would like it to be, but still; even for us it is basically a pigsty right about now. I mean, there are pieces of bouncy castle all over the place, our previously pristine white walls are now splattered with all kinds of red and somehow brown bits and various fluids... On top of that, since two weeks ago Sadhonker is on the hunt for some kind of alien race who he believes destroyed his bouncy castle. Who knows where he got the idea that another sentient being would actually, of its own free will, visit this place probably boggles the minds of even the smartest people in the world, including yours truly!

As you can probably imagine, cleaning this place up will take some time and since we weren't actually able to find any competent crew to help us with any work that needs to be done around here, it's up to the two of us to figure this mess out. We are currently *hickup* in the middle of meeting in which we are trying to decide if it's even worth it fixing the place up, or if it's better just to move out. I mean, we have been living here for at least a year now! Aren't you proud of us that we managed to last this long, instead of completely destroying the place within a week of moving in? No?! Well, we sure are and so are the corporate overlords at Dumeegamer inc... co? llc? Oh well, whatever their registration at the chamber of commerce is, they are really, really proud of us, so there!

Sadly, this also means that there will be no travelling back in time to revisit yet another game from the golden age of gaming, or at least what we consider to be the golden age of gaming, this time around. And since the end of the year is nearly upon us, the first thing Sadhonker and I decided is that we could really, really, really use a somewhat more lengthy break from it all, so we will be shutting the entire operation down for the upcoming weeks. Don't worry; we will be back before you know it, because we we will see each other again in the second week of the new year!

Now, for those interested in our holiday; we will be visiting some of the more well known cities and countries trough across the world and through history, like: London, New York, Egypt, Berlin, Tsjernobyl and many many more. Of course, we will take pictures of our exploits (more than we probably should) and share them with you guys and girls upon our return, so it will feel like you have been with us all along. We will also be visiting some of our dearly departed friends like Nicola Tesla, Einstein and, since we miss his sweet soothing voice so flipping much, Stephen hawking.

We promise that we will try not to screw too much up during our travels through time and space, but of course we can't make any promises. I mean, butterflies are such delicate creatures and who is to say we won't step on one by accident, if you know what I mean. Oh wait ladies and gentlemen, my colleague is trying to get my attention. Yes, what is it Sadhonker ? You want to share something with the readers as well before we depart ? Well alright, but please keep in mind that you are a couple of bottles of beer ahead of me there.... yes, yes I know it numbs the pain, I just thought I better make you aware of the fact that you have been drinking quite heavily. Okay, fin. Ladies and gentlemen, my colleague Sadhonker will now say a few words.

'Ello gentlepeople! We's hav... hic... having a goooood time and will go on a huuuuuge trip down the... whatsitcalled... thingamijig... thing on the floor... mostly flat... concrete... something... buggrit... brain hurts... Ah yes, Road! The road of history... dazzit! Hmmm, trip... road... ROADTRIIIIIIP!!!! * chugs down bottle of beer, falls flat on his back and starts giggling uncontrollably *

I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but my colleague seems to have a bit of trouble getting up. Well, for now, all for me to do is wish you all a fond goodbye! Both me and Sadhonker... will you stop yanking on my trouser leg, please?! Just wait a minute and I'll help you up. Where was I... oh yes, both me and Sadhonker will see you next year, when the new and improved Big Red Timemachine will return. As you are used to from us by now, we will probably be up to no good in no time flat, so it should be a lot of fun! In the meantime, please be safe while playing with fireworks. Just let us do all the unsafe playing for you. So dear readers, take care and we wish all of you a: