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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on January 10, 2016

Hello my dear friends! Finally, the time has come. "What time?" you may ask... well the time to take all of you on another grand adventure! This brand new Big Red Timemachine couldn't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned, mostly because, due to the fact that our overlord... Wait a minute, hold the damn Phone! He relinquished that title didn't he? I can call him compadre now, or colleague or, may I dare say... friend???? Anyways, due to the fact Ferry and I have settled our differences like the two mature men we are, everything is quiet and relaxed in our new and improved HQ in.... oops. Sorry, I can't quite divulge the location yet...

Although I usually like the peace and quiet, I just can't shake the feeling that something is amiss. Not to scare you and, no, everything between me and Sadhonker is all hunky dory, but there is something strange in the neighbo... alright, I am going stop right there! As Mr Sadhonker has already informed you guys, I had a pretty nice EUREKA moment two weeks ago and, trust me, it is going to be ultra super sweet when my plans come to fruition! However, due to the SUPER-SECRET nature of my plans, I will have to keep it under wraps for now. Our trusty team of Big Red Lawyers informed me that I should take care of some more legal crap first!

Nonetheless, this will not keep me from taking my rightful place in the timemachine today and take you guys with me on another grand adventure. But before we blast off I just wanted to say, without going all emotional on you guys or anything, that I have missed your pretty faces, even though I never saw them... What? No, I'm not crying! I had something in my eye! What the hell are you doing here anyway? This is supposed to be a top secret facility! And, more to the point; who the hell are you?! Go away! Good, he's gone! ... what was I saying? Oh yes! This week, we will set our time sails for the more than awesome years of 1995; the year that Square, which is now known as Square Enix, released Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES for short). Are you guys ready ? Aaaaalrighty then... 3...2...1...ignition! See you guys on the other side.

Chrono Trigger was an RPG that was created by Square, which was already well-known by that time because of their Final Fantasy series, enlisted the help of the famous Dragon Ball graphical artist Akira Toriyama and created Chrono Trigger. The story of Chrono trigger takes place in 1000 A.D. and on a bright and beautiful morning, our silent protagonist (Crono) wakes up and goes about his business. Later that day, he meets Marle; a princess who is visiting the Millennium Fair undercover. Together they decide to visit another friend, Lucca, who has created a transportation device which she is showing it off at the aforementioned fair. However, during a test run everything goes haywire... Marle, gets sucked into a time vortex due to a pendant she is wearing and is transported to a time ages ago, namely 600 A.D. (now you guys might realize why I chose to visit this particular game)

And this is exactly where the adventures of our protagonist, and ours as well, start! he has to save the beautiful princess even though they have just met... I guess that has something to do with men and their hormones which take over in instances like this. Hey, I mean come on; she is beautiful, her dad's loaded, they have their own castles AND, and this might be the most important bit, she is a bit of a bad girl... so what's not to like?! She's perfect! So, after Crono and Lucca manage to save her from blinking out of existence due to something called the grandfather paradox, they take Marle, who is actually called Nadia, back to her father. The king, however, is anything but grateful for the safe return of his daughter. He accuses Crono of kidnapping his daughter and gives him the death sentence. Not having any of that, Lucca and Marle jump in to save Crono and they flee back into their timemachine to 2300 A.D.

Once back in their own time, all is not well. No dear readers, there is something rotten in the state of... what the hell is the planet called, anyway? Oh well... Something is rotten in that particular nameless state! What they behold is not a very nice sight at all! All they see is death; dead trees and animals everything. The world has been destroyed and it's now up to our three friends to try and find out what happened and figure out a way to prevent all of this from happening in the first place. They will have to travel back in time and back again to become stronger and gain knowledge on the doom that seems to have befallen the world. With the knowledge they ultimately gain, they will try and prevent said doom from ever even occurring.

I can only say this, even though the perils Crono and his friends must endure is not even close to comparable with the dangers Ferry and I endured, the threat of almost losing your mom, all your friends and distant relatives can make you go crazy and will make you surely bend over backwards to try and save anything and everything you can!

Chrono trigger has been called 'The best game in the world' on quite a few occasions and I can see why. I'm not saying that I totally agree with proposition, but I can see why people might think so. It is really a grand adventure, built from the ground up by some of the most legendary people in Square's illustrious history. It has a massive storyline, cool characters, awesome quests and side-quests, an active battle system, multiple endings... the list just goes on and on!

Hey ho, phew aaaaaand we are back again, back here in the overdigitalized age of 2017! Did you guys enjoy it ? I know I sure did! Alas, our travels for this week have come and gone. And all there is left for me to say is... Oh hey sadhonker. Wait, what? Who did you meet? Is it really her? Are you sure? Oh god... I'm sorry my friends, but I really have to go right now! As I was saying, all there is left for me is to wish you all safe travels and always make sure you are protected! So, to conclude my re--- -. - .... . .-- .- -.-- --..-- -.-- --- ..- .-. ... --- -. ..-. .-. --- -- .- -. --- - .... . .-. - .. -- . .- -. -.. .--. .-.. .- -.-. . .. ... -.-. .-.. --- ... .. -. --. .. -. .-.-.-

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