By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on April 24, 2015

Our Big Red Timemachine is washed, waxed and ready for action. I think I did enough exploring for a while and decided to let our courageous crew take over. I mean, why else am I still paying them? So I gave them their final instructions and waved them goodbye. I returned to my summer home set myself up for a nice long vacation. But boy, was I wrong! No sooner had the machine departed and everything started to go astray. So naturally, people turned to me to fix the mess my crew had made. So what happened, I hear you ask. Well, sit back and I’ll tell you. It seems an overly eager young mechanic went ahead and lubricated the time-expander a little too well. So when my courageous flight crew tried to set their destination, one of the machines trans-rotational axles went spinning out of control and they overshot their mark by a couple of decades.

There seems to have been a small leak of sorts and the seawater shorted out the time-core, causing our timemachine to start up override protocols and return home of its own accord, leaving a timemachine-shaped hole in the freezing ocean water. We would like to offer our most sincere apologies to everyone who lost somebody that fateful night. It was a day the world remembers; it was the day we lost the R.M.S. Titanic… and we’re really sorry!

In any case, after a few repairs, the timemachine was ready to go…again, and blasted off towards its real destination. So welcome ladies and gentlemen, to 1998; the year Wesley Snipes introduced us to the ever-awesome Blade, President Clinton “did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”, and Pyro Studios brings us a WWII game that becomes an instant hit: Commandos – Behind Enemy Lines.

In Commandos, you take the role of a nameless officer during WWII. It is your task to lead a group of specially selected and highly trained men through a number of high-risk missions across Europe and Africa. You ‘Band of Brothers’ is made up out of: a Green Beret, a driver, a diver, a sapper, a sniper and a spy. Each character has his own special abilities and equipment. The objective of the game is to use each character’s abilities in order to successfully carry out a mission as a team. So use your head and plan your strategy very carefully. To help you accomplish this, Commandos is presented in isometric view, so you are able to scroll through the map en formulate your plan of attack accordingly.

Commandos – Behind Enemy Lines challenged us to think things through before running into battle, guns blazing. And, as anyone who ever tried to do this will tell you, even made it virtually impossible to do so. So check the guard’s routines, as well as their lines of sight. Always be aware of what it is you’re trying to accomplish and, most importantly, be very, very patient. This is not a game you just fly through. It takes time and effort to come up with a decent strategy, and even more time and effort to execute your plans skillfully. Nevertheless, the setting and back story are well though through and engaging, which helps to get you in the right mindset to play this game. Once you’re on the battlefield, your complete attention is drawn to the mission and the obstacles you will face, fighting your way towards a glorious victory. You don’t care about time, you only care about winning!

Back in the day, Commandos looked stunning if you had the pc to match. It looked awesome and played really well. The controls were simple and intuitive, the graphics and soundtrack were fantastic, and the missions into Nazi occupied territory were challenging, sometimes bordering on nerve-wrecking. It was one of those games that had you hooked as soon as you started playing it. You really like an officer, holding the lives of your men were in your hands, as well as the fate of the entire free world. Each mission came with a briefing which provided you with background information about the operation and highlighted points of interest. So please, pay attention to what they are telling you, it just might save your men’s life.

So all in all: should you play Commandos? Yes! Why?! There’s a long and duly substantiated answer to that question, but I’ll stick to the short version: Because it’s awesome! So if you want to really challenge yourself and play a game that’s deeply strategic, just give it a whirl. If not, you can always go back to playing Candy Crush… it’s your decision. As for me, I think I’ll go and lead my men through yet another glorious mission… Come on men, on to victory!

Pyro Studios & Eidos Interactive