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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on May 12, 2017

Have you ever had the feeling you where thrown under the bus by one of your dearest Friends? Now, granted; Ferry and I got off on the wrong foot but still you kinda grow attached to the guy after a while. Anyway, during the last episode of our grand adventures, he clearly didn't pull any punches and put all the blame of the explosion I heard last time on no one else but little ol' me!

Now, I know he is stating that I was put in charge, by him, to close down the portals that lead to the Big Red HQ after use but, come on, doesn't that sound just a little bit ridiculous? I mean, you'll have to agree with me that his claims are somewhat preposterous, taking into consideration that he barely even grants me permission to wipe my own ass. figuratively speaking, of course... Right, moving on!

Furthermore, ever since installing our brand spanking new Quantum Computer, everything in the Big Red HQ is automated to always hermetically seal everything behind us everytime we leave of come back to said HQ. It was upon checking up on those exact same systems, that I found a machete lodged in the most critical part of our mainframe, hence causing the portals to stay open. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I know of only one person wielding one of those around the office! So, as you can clearly see, although Mr. Sadhonker might believe that my cognitive capabilities are equal to that of a monkey, his own abilities in this field are clearly even less than those of our cave-dwelling ancestors.

With that out of the way, my dearest of friends and fellow travelers of time and space, I would like us to set our sails yet again and go back to the year of the dreaded end of the world, caused by that pesky Millennium Bug. The year in which Lars Ulrich himself walked up to the doors of Napster to give them the lawsuit Metallica filed against them. Yes, of course I am talking about the year 2000! It was in this exact year that Sony Computer Entertainment released a game developed by a developer with the awesome name of Sugar & Rockets... What this game was called ? Well my friends, it was called: Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn!

In Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn, we take control of Lieutenant Jack Morton of the NATO and we are the sole survivor of a terrorist attack on an armored train, called the Blue Harvest. The insurgents, however, still have to be dealt with and while doing so we also have to find the French Ambassador. The terrorists, under the leadership of Boris Zugoski, detonate some C4 charges in parts of the train, kill all those who resist and take the French ambassador's family hostage. At a certain point in the game, Boris is killed by Jack. Yes, that's it! We've won! Let's all have ice cream! But alas, it appears that the ambassador's assistant, Phillip Mason, is actually a double agent sent to steal a data disk from the Blue Harvest.

We will have to make our way through the train carriages and prevent the terrorists from detonating a nuclear bomb which has been set on a timer, killing the ambassador and his family (not to mention everyone else in a 100 mile radius) and finding data disks which are hidden on board the train. Not only do we have to make are way through the carriages, we also have to find our way past locked doors which, more than once, entails clambering on top or even underneath the moving train... Did I mention the train was still moving at breakneck speeds?!

Finally, after making our way through the hazardous moving mishap, when it all is said and done, we will also have to make a choice. We can choose what data disk we hand over to Mr. Mason. And, my friends, this single decision will determine if the ending of the game will either be a good one or a bad one. And I can tell you my friends; nothing is more rage-inducing than beating the clock to prevent a nuclear detonation from happening only to get all your hard work undone by one single bad decision...

I do have to say however, letting the clock run out and looking at a pretty and very big explosion is one of the things I just had to see. Which reminds me; explosions, Big Red HQ, machete wielding idiot... Oh god, I hope the place is still left standing! let's head back quickly!!! Mr. Sulu, take us home!

Aaaannnnnd we are back, everything still looks hunky dory so i guess i am safe to immediately get into the molecular stabalisation pod.... wait whats that... why is everything locked shut... PAL OPEN THE POD BAY DOORS.... what do you mean you cant do that... OPEN THEM NOW!!!! Oh god what's that?!?! SADHONKER NO DON'T think of the legacy, the readers please i know you are missing a few chromosomes but please snap out of thi.....*static*

Sugar & Rockets