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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on October 23, 2020

READERS!!!! Get over here!!!! Come one, while Sadhonker is still admiring himself... HURRY!!!! Let's kickstart this baby! Phew, we're out of time and should be safe for now.

Finally it has happened, finally Sadhonker has shown his true form and with that his true colors, no I'm not talking about the pearlescent paint he is currently adorning. You see dear readers, I knew that Sadhonker was able to transform into something, something large, something loud and most of all something very destructive. How I know you ask? Well, sit down and I'll tell you...

There have been centuries old scrolls, hieroglyphs and manuscripts with information of the existence of this form of his. Up till now, it was never directly linked to Sadhonker himself but whilst traveling trough space and time, going on adventures with you, I have been amassing more and more data on this primordial creature and not too long ago everything just fell into place. It dawned on me that Sadhonker simply had to be this "Prime" all those civilizations where documenting. Civilizations, I might add, that no longer exist. This exctinction is not the only thing they have in common, though. The final thing these civilizations document is a Godlike, seemingly indestructible, sky high being they all refer to as "The Prime", which we now know to be Sadhonker.

I have been trying to "reveal" his true self for quite a while now. And while I knew beforehand this would be a dangerous endeavor not only for me and the Big Red HQ but basically for the whole human race, I just couldn't let it be. After I learned about the misery he left in his wake I know something had to be done. And while he has gone toe to toe with some of the most intelligent beings in history, little does he know about the person he hired all those years ago. But that will have to wait until after our adventure, for there is still something I need to obtain. But afterwards, I promise you, the universe will never be the same. For now, let us visit the year of 2005 and have a look at a game tied to one of the most popular Anime series in the world, Dragonball Z Budokai Tankaichi.

Dragonball Z Budokai Tankaichi is a fighting game set in the Dragonball universe which most, if not all, of you know from the animated series that has entranced the world for decades now. With this game we are able to crawl into the skin of most of the characters we have come to know and love, or hate in some cases, from this universe. And not only can you just fight against either your friends in couch multiplayer or against the computer; one of the gamemodes in the game specifically allows you to fight battles you have seen on the television and in the movies. This basically means that you will follow the story as set out in the series and movies, like Picollo vs Raditz or Goku vs Vegeta for instance.

Not only does this game put you in a full 3d environment against your opponent, unlike many other fighting games which of course only have left to right movement. All of the maps in the game also had destructible elements, which can be destroyed by flying trough them at high speed, but also an energy blast like a Kamehameha will make short work of both rocks and buildings. By destroying the environment you will not only take care of potential hiding spots an enemy can use, you can also find several different items and unlockables, among which are the famous dragonballs. Another cool feature of the game is that it has a couple of "What if" scenarios in which the story takes a bit of a turn when compared to the series, which gives a few... interesting results.

We will have to leave it at that dear readers, because time is running out... But while we were back in 2005, I was able to obtain the one thing I needed to obtain before revealing my final form; I got my hands on the Dragonballs! (Hmmm, that sounded better in my head... oh well!) Yes, dear readers, these babies are real and for those that are not aware of their power, when you bring all 7 of a set together, you are able to summon a dragon of god-like stature, able to grant you at least 1 wish. Now, you might think I will just wish for the destruction of Sadhonker Prime but: one, that would be too easy and secondly, from the ancient writings I could ascertain that he is somehow able to withstand even the direct power of Shenron.

However, my wish will be to provide me with Cortana! And no, not the lackluster implementation that we know from Microsoft Windows, but the real AI Cortana, made from and by Dr Halsey and long time Companion of the Master chief. What I need her for is going to be between her and me for the moment, but I promise you will find out later on.

Now it is time for me to unleash myself...

** Starts screaming, almost uncontrollably **

Sadhonker!!! Your time of destruction and dominance will come to an end!

** Debris and rocks first start floating **

No longer will you destroy whole worlds just because you are having a bad day

** The ENTIRE Big red HQ Collapses in on itself and all Debris are pulled into the orb of energy surrounding Backdraft **


** All the debris surrounding backdraft now vaporizes **

I...AM...The Mastered Ultra Instinct Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan!!!

Spike & Bandai Namco