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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on June 10, 2016

All right, I’ll have to be really sneaky now. I wouldn't want to upset our very own Ferry “Sadhonker” Adams, now would I?

Ever since he let his missus take over the wheel of his Big Red Timemachine so she could go back in time and play with some candy filled animals something started tingling deep inside and a question started formulating in my mind. What if I could go back in time and once again indulge myself in the awesome universe of a game I played a long, long time ago? And not just that, but also share the experience with you guys. Now, you might be wondering what game I’m referring to. Well, the game I had in mind is that great space-themed Real-time strategy game by the name of: Homeworld. And I just really, really, REALLY wanted to play it again! So one night, I walked up to Ferry and boldly asked him for the keys. He said no and slammed the door in my face. Now, I don’t know about you, but I really don’t think that is a nice thing to do.

So I did what any man with balls of steel would do; I snuck into his office while he was away on one of his “meetings” (if you can call sitting in a local bar and drinking heavily a meeting) and stole his keys. This might very well be the reason that last week’s Big Red Timemachine kinda fell through. He couldn’t find the keys and became very angry about that. I know, because I heard his tantrum from the ventilation shaft where I was hiding at the time. The downside to all this is that, ever since, he’s been watching the Timemachine like a hawk… A 6’6” hawk with an chip on his shoulder and, oh yes, a loaded shotgun.

As a result, I laid low for a week, knowing full well that he had to have another “meeting” soon (he just can’t do without them). So now, the time has finally come for me to take the Timemachine out for a spin! Let's do it, shall we? Alright, let’s get situated.
Now where is the dial to set the year...
aaah here it is, now just dial it back to the year 1999, month should be September and the day was... oh that’s right: the 28th. I guess is should now press this big flashing red button and here we goooooooo!

When Relic entertainment, together with Sierra Entertainment released Homeworld back in 1999, it really was something else! I mean, it was like something we had never seen before. Sure, we had seen our fair share of RTS games before, but Homeworld was set in space. And I don’t mean on planets or anything like that, but actually in space, adding a whole other dimension to the RTS genre. It added the third dimension that, up till then, no other RTS game had done. The fact that it was completely 3D rendered didn’t hurt the game either.

With this specific setup, enemies could no longer only attack from the front, back or your left and right. No sir, they could actually sneak up on you by attacking you from above or below. This basically meant that you really had to be aware of your surroundings all of the time and change your tactics on a dime.

At the time of its release, practically every media outlets was raving about Homeworld. It received several awards and commendations and not without reason; I remember spending hours in the single player campaign and PvE skirmishes you could set up. It was just so much fun to play and while you were playing Homeworld, time went by like a roadrunner on speed. A year after the release of the original game, the Cataclysm expansion was released as a standalone game. While Cataclysm was still published by our friends at Sierra Entertainment, it was no longer developed by the people at Relic. Instead, this game was developed by Barking Dog Studios.

After three years of silence, Homeworld got an actual seque, which carried the self-explanatory title: Homeworld 2. This time, it was Relic Entertainment once again assumed control of the game and did the heavy lifting in the development department for it. Homeworld 2 added an online multiplayer mode that could be played with up to 5 other players at the same time. Gameplay-wise, Homeworld 2 pretty much picked up where the original game left off and improved some of the basic mechanics of the game. The visuals also got an uograde since the release of Homeworld in 1999, which is to be expected from a game that is four years younger.

After this final release however, everything went silent around Homeworld. This didn’t stop fans of the series incessantly begging for more. Finally, in 2014 we heard a rumor, which was quickly confirmed; Relic entertainment, together with Gearbox Software, were to release the Homeworld Remastered Collection, allowing the space-faring fans of the series to indulge themselves in this expansive and awesome universe once more. And the developers really put some tender love and care into the game by updating its graphics but keeping the good old gameplay we all loved. The Homeworld Remastered Collection was finally released in February 2015. And it didn’t end there; no sir, it didn’t! Because, in January of this year, a prequel to the original game was even released by Blackbird interactive. So, if it’s RTS and space you’re into, there’s enough Homeworld to go around!

Phew! Wow this Timemachine really is fantastic piece of work; it really takes you right back to the glory days. I’m glad I got it back in one piece, without making so much as a scratch. Okay, guys and girls; I do believe I hear Sadhonker coming back from his meeting so I really have to get going. But hey, who knows? Maybe I’ll take the Timemachine out for another spin in the near future!

Oh, hey Sadhonker; imagine meeting you here!
What do you mean what’s in my hand...? Nothing, see?!
Oh, you mean the other hand...
Well, would you look at that; shave my legs and call me Candy, how did those get there?
Hey wait, what are you doing?! Put down the shotgun!
Bad Sadhonker!
No wait! Look behind you, a three headed monkey!

Run away!!!!

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