By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on July 31, 2015

HAHA! Yet again, I've managed to make it through the last two weeks unscathed! That is, if you don't count some light chafing of some very private parts. But that was to be expected when you take a bunch of swimsuit models to a very wild party. But hey, I lived, so I'm one very enjoyable experience richer. Nevertheless, it's a new day and time for a new Big Red Timemachine. But first, I'd like to tell you about the sincere apologies I offered my heroic crew. I had just returned from my invigorating trip when I heard disturbing things being whispered by the water cooler. So I assembled my crew and spoke from the heart. It went something like this...

Guys and girls, news has reached my ear about several complaints concerning my leadership skills and personality in general. Now, I know I haven't always been around. And yes, I also know that, at times, I haven't been the boss you all deserve. But from now on, this will change. I promise to always be there for you and to guide you through the toughest of times. And rest assured that I will always be there when you most need me. So, in light of these events, I would like to ask you to STOP WHINING GET YOUR LAZY, UNSKILLED ASSES IN GEAR OR I WILL PERSONALLY FLOG THE SKIN OFF YOUR BACKS! NOW GET BACK TO WORK OR FEEL MY WRATH!!! Man, I love watching them flee in terror like that!

So, on to the mission at hand. Our timemachine is set to blast off towards a year I happen to love very much, as well as towards a game I love very much. I know I say this every time, but on the other hand, it wouldn't make a lot of sense to travel all the way back in time and play a game you absolutely hate, would it? So yes, we've set our course for 1997 to find an action game unlike any other at the time: MDK. Or as most fans agree: Murder, Death, Kill... or Mission: Deliver Kindness... the vote is still out on that one... Let's just call it MDK for now!

Released in 1997 by Shiny Entertainment, Playmates Interactive Entertainment and Virgin Entertainment for PC and Playstation, MDK transported us to a world, very much like our own, but rather more silly. You play as Kurt, a janitor aboard a giant spaceship built by your employer, Dr. Fluke Hawkins. After being ridiculed back on earth for claiming to have discovered something called 'Flange Orbits', Dr. Hawkins built and launched this space ship in order to prove these Flange Orbits exist. But, as with a lot of brilliant people, once in a while he's absolutely, totally and utterly wrong. So instead of returning home and admitting defeat, he begins construction of a robot dog with an extra pair of legs and names it Bones. Later, the dog itself changes its name to Max, mainly because he likes it better.

Then one day, Dr. Hawkins notices giant energy streams hurling toward earth. When this energy hits our planet, it spawns a ludicrous number of alien invaders in so-called 'Minecrawlers'; huge devices built to harvest minerals and whatnot from other planets. The army can't handle these marauding monsters and is quickly destroyed. Dr. Hawkins decides to take matters into his own hands and sends you to save the planet. You are quickly hoisted into the Doc's latest invention: an armored battlesuit with a minigun attached to the arm that also doubles as a head-mounted sniper rifle.

Each level, you are launched from space and land one of the mine crawlers that are terrorizing earth. The levels in MDK are basically a string of interconnected arena's in which you'll have to dispatch all enemies before making your way to the next part of the level until you arrive at the level boss. After you've annihilated this alien fiend, the minecrawler is destroyed and you move on to the next one. Because the game is presented in third person (except when using the sniper rifle) you'll always have a good view of your surroundings. The game's controls are simple and intuitive, making MDK an enjoyable game to play, without the annoyance of unresponsive or lagging controls. Kurt's suit also comes with a ribbon parachute that allows Kurt to dive into the action and deliver death from above.

Graphic wise, MDK was state of the art. It was actually one of the first games to a Pentium processor, or something equivalent to that. The level design was absolutely fantastic without being repetitive. The story and the characters were all great fun and really involving. So all in all, a great game to play. It also spawned a sequel for PC, Dreamcast and Playstation 2: MDK 2 - Armageddon, which was also a fantastic game in its own right. The intuitive control scheme, cutting edge graphics and totally awesome soundtrack made MDK a game to remember. So basically, all I need now is for someone to make a brand new MDK game for the current gen consoles and PC, and I could die a happy man! (figuratively speaking, of course...)

So that's it for this week! Now I can get finally back to scaring the living crap out of my crew and generally ruling this company... I love my job!

Shiny Entertainment, Playmates Interactive Entertainment and Virgin Entertainment