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Metal Gear

By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on November 15, 2019

Run, dear readers, RUN! As you have read two weeks ago, we had a sleepover at the Big Red HQ. Now, later that evening, Sadhonker found me in a somewhat compromising situation which, I swear, was totally NOT my fault! I promise you, it wasn't not what it looked like; his wife, that devious vixen, actually held me against my will and then undressed herself and me while prancing around the HQ, all in what was clearly an attempt to throw a wrench in the friendship me and my colleague have built over the years. But no time to explain any further now. I need to hide, and I have an idea just how and where.

Sometimes in the world of gaming, it is not the developing company that gets the fame for creating a video game series; every now and then the creative lead gets more and more fame over the years. This doesn't ring any more true than for the obscenely creative brain of a guy called Hideo Kojima. Back in 1987 he had Konami release his creation; a game that went by a name that would, after this point, never be forgotten and always kept in high regard. Of course I am talking about no other game than Metal Gear, the first installment in game series that would get 25 more releases within the universe it created. Not only that, it basically also created a new genre in gaming namely the Action-Adventure-Stealth games.

Metal gear is set in South Africa in the year 1995, where a special forces unit named Foxhound is dispatched to Outer Heaven where recently a weapon of mass destruction was found. This weapon, which held untold destructive power, would soon be revealed to be none other than "Metal Gear".

In Metal Gear, we take control of Solid Snake, a rooky within the Foxhound division. The game is viewed from a top down angle and, unlike most games at the time, stealth is key. If you are detected it is wise to hide because going in guns blazing and fists flailing will result in nothing more then Snake returning home in a Solid box.

During the initial development, Metal Gear was actually planned to be a 'Regular' action adventure game with military elements and lots and lots of action. However, Kojima soon found out that the system they where developing for was highly limited as far as, for instance, the amount of bullets they could render and calculate were concerned. Now, he could have just quit and do something else, but he decided otherwise. So, instead of making another running and gunning game, Kojima and his team decided that avoiding direct conflict and gunslinging would be the key focus of the game. Who could have known then that that was one of the most defining features in the game that would skyrocket it into the annals of gaming history.

If an enemy detected you, a sharp sound could be heard and a Single Red exclamation mark appeared above the enemy's head. This meant you had to either, A: neutralize that enemy as quickly as possible or, B: Run for dear life. Picking option A was only a viable option if no other enemies were on the same screen, because one alerted enemy meant all enemies on-screen where immediately informed of your presence and whereabouts. If you chose option B you had to hide yourself away from prying eyes. Doing so successfully initiated something called an evasion period started, meaning a time in which the enemies where still aware of your presence, but had no clue as to where you were. If you stayed out of view long enough, everything cooled down again, meaning the guards dropped their alert status went back to their tasks at hand. It was then that you could try and continue your mission.

At any point in the game you were able to contact your chief, who was creatively called Big Boss. You could also contact any of your other crew members: Schneider, Diane or Jennifer, each with their own specialties. These characters could give you extra information, or even details you required to continue your missions.

That reminds me, I should really head back to the Big Red HQ and see if Sadhonker has calmed down so I can communicate with him which, even in a non-heated state of mind, is nigh on impossible to do. Hmmm, maybe an offering of ample beer and other drinks and some good meat will allow me to calm him down. Ah, back in the present. It always feels really nice to come back home after a day's hard work... Hold on a second... Where the hell am I? Why am I not at the HQ, or even in the proximity of its location. Maybe something went wrong with the Big Red Timemachine's GPS module or whatever. Let me take a look... What is that flashing on the display? "Total system lockout engaged by HQ, ACCESS DENIED..."

What is going on here? Damn, now I need to call Sadhonker and ask him. This phone number is disconnected... *click*. WHAT THE HELL?! Well it's a good thing I have my trekking boots on, because it looks like it's time for a walk... a very long one, by the looks of it!

Metal Gear