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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on March 13, 2020

Good day, readers and fellow travelers of time space! As Sadhonker told you last week, I got severely injured due to his incapability to leave things of the past where they belong... which means actually in the past! But that's all in the past, so let's leave it there, shall we? Sadhonker? Did you get that...? Good! Let's move on!

After our latest crisis, we argued and contemplated our future for quite a bit and came to the (somewhat inebriated) conclusion that what we really need to focus on now is hiring some more minio... coworkers. I mean, it can't just be Sadhonker and me taking all the risk all the time and consequently being the only ones getting hurt left right and center. What are you talking about: "Others get hurt too"? Dying, even?! I want you to listen to me. I'm going to say this again: We never had any unexpected passings among our employees.

What? Why would I need a cigar? Get that funky smelling thing out of my face, you don't know where it's been! Now go away, would you?! Anyway, we have decided to start hiring again and even though the only job openings we have posted so far only where for unpaid internships, we have received an absolute truckload of applications. No, literally; an 18 wheeler just showed up and dumped a full trailer load of responses. This will most likely mean we will at least have solved 90% of our staffing problems in no time flat, without having to pay for it. That's what I call a Win Win!

For now though, we will go back through the ages in search of a game of old. Now, this is a bit of a weird one, because you could classify it as an absolute titan in the land of gaming. I mean, sure, we have had more of those over the years, but this particular game started out as an indie development, yet it gained so much traction that it crafted a spot for itself in the Top five best selling video games of all time: the first spot, just above Tetris. Which, if you think about it, in a way is quite ironic because, just like Tetris, this game is also all about square blocks arranged in all imaginable ways. The year we are going to visit is 2009, the year of the first pre-alpha release of Minecraft.

Normally, we visit games that have been lost to the annals of time, but in the case of Minecraft nothing could be further from the truth. Since its initial release to the public in its original alpha form, this game has been updated meticulously and we are currently at version 1.15 with 1.16 being tested and developed. A lot has changed since that first release, so much that some people might say it's not even the same game anymore. The original version of Minecraft was created by Markus Persson, aka Notch, and was simply named "Cave Game" and was inspired by games like Infiniminer, Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper and one of Markus' own previous games, RubyDung. The original Minecraft version released to the public had a whopping 11 different block/item types. Now, this might seem quite insignificant compared to the current version, which has 462 types, not even counting all different color variants for some of them, but back then it was the bees knees.

What is it that gives Minecraft its popularity ? There is no real reason for it, a lot of stuff factors into this, even on my trip trough the years, it's not exactly become clear. Personally, what I think is the most important thing helping this game is the immense sense of freedom it brings to the virtual table; this game is the sandbox amongst sandbox games. Yes, it does have lore and a bit of a story behind the game, but there is absolutely nothing pushing the player towards that goal. You just drop into the world with no notion of what is going and only armed with your fists in order to go get stuff and survive in this world.

Not only do you have to make sure you have enough food to be able to keep your food bar nice and full so you are able to run and won't lose health, as soon as night falls you have to protect yourself from monsters that come out of hiding and spiders, skeletons, zombies and the iconic Creeper will do their best to slay you and remove your presence from this world. In order to survive you have to make sure you build a house, acquire tools, armor and weaponry and maybe even brew some potions to get an edge over these bad guys and that's how we come to the full name Minecraft. Your main goal is mine for resources and craft them together to acquire anything and everything there is to own in this world.

Before long, you will even be moving back and forward between dimensions, yes dear readers this game has multiple dimensions, ranging from the Earthlike overworld, the Infernal Hellscape of The Nether and the World of infinite depth known as the End which holds one of the Final bosses of the game, the Ender Dragon. Now, slaying this beast doesn't mean you're done with the game. In fact, it just gives you access to more items to craft and decorative blocks to use in order to give your house just that bit of extra color.

What we just talked about is just a global overview of the basic survival game, you can also play this game creatively, where you can't die and are able to fly around without limits and have access to all blocks and items from the get go, straight from you inventory menu. This mode is perfect for people who just want to release their inner architect or machine inventor because with the resource known as "Redstone" there are people that have literally built computers in the game.

This is just the base game, if you search for Minecraft and all of its options its, quite honestly, limitless. Servers all over the world are available with all sorts of different varieties, from creative worlds, hardcore survival (one-life), to full on minigames invented for the game playable with any and all of your friends to Servers that have a complete economy of their own like Factions or Skyblock for instance. If I would have the time, I could talk for hours on end about all the varieties this game has been offering since its original conception, just because of the sheer amount of options the game has, be it directly from the base game or by mods, scripts, resource and data packs that have been made by third parties. However, dear readers, for now I have to get back to the HQ because I can't really trust Sadhonker with all those job applicants now can I? Before you know it, he has either locked them up, used them for nefarious experiments or plainly kicked them out of the top floor door (yes we have an outward facing door on our top floor for, as is my firm belief, just that reason)

Wait, what the hell is going on here, why am I in a queue... *please take a number to get assistance asap* Hold up, I shouldn't be asked this! I have my own office in this place... dammit, Sadhonker.... SADHONKER you better let me in right this instant! Okay readers, as you can see I have something to take care of. Let's just hope it doesn't take ages before I am finally back at my desk. Somebody has some explaining to do! For now, I bid you farewell and until next time, when Sadhonker takes you with him on the Big Red Timemachine's next adventure.

Mojang (later purchased by Microsoft)