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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on June 28, 2019

Sadhonker? YO SADHONKER, where the hell are you bro? Well, that's just typical. First, he goes absolutely bonkers with a machete, almost causing the downfall of our universe. Naturally, I had to step in and use my brilliant mind to save the day. But now, with all said and done and our Big Red HQ is one big mess that really needs to be cleaned up, he's gone with the wind... Well, I'll be damned if going to clean this up all by myself! Let's just see what can I do to procrastinate and not give a damn about anything around this HQ which, incidentally, is basically a lawsuit waiting to happen. Hmm. I know! Let's go to the Arcade!!!

No no, dear readers; I haven't forgot about you. I didn't mean an arcade in this day and age, I meant an arcade from a time and place where arcades where basically the only place you could really play the latest games. Let me see. hmmmm. Yes, 1992 sounds like a good year. Like a good Wine Beer, it has aged to perfection, so let'ss set the time di.. Hold on. where is the Time Machine??? Did Sadhonker take it? I bet that's why he wanted that tracker I put in earlier removed. Damn, now what ? Oh yeah, I could try using that tiny timepod. Iit is a bit cramped, dear readers, so be sure to really come in and cuddle, we might have to show some tetris style people stacking skills but I'm sure we will figure it out somehow.

Alright everybody on boa. WHO PRESSED THE BUTTON ALREADY?!?!? Was that you Charlie? It was? Okay, get out!!!! Only I get to press the damn button! Yes, yes, I know we are flying through space and time right now, but you should have thought about that before. You can try using that UBER app and maybe someone is able to pick you up. Remember: you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. so GET OUT!

Aaah, 1992. The year of beer, bad music, gorgeous women and, of course, the exact year in which Midway games released *GET OVER HERE!!!!!* WOOOOOOOOOOOO, hold on their fella, keep your spikes to yourself, please. I was just explaining about the game you are in, so settle down or I will be forced to punish you. So, dear readers, as I was saying; in 1992 Midway Games released Mortal Kombat, a title that is probably no stranger to any of you. Mortal Kombat is well known in the 2010's for its over the top blood and gore and well, let's just say it wasn't all that different back in the day of its original release. Actually, even though by today's standards, it is a pretty mild game but back in the day it was really controversial due to the blood and the fatalities. So much so that a year after its release, Electronic Gaming Monthly awarded it with the "Most Controversial Game of 1993" title.

Mortal Kombat is the prototype fighting game and one of the things that made it stand out so much was, like mentioned above, that it pulled no punches on the "Mortality" of the characters, so to speak, The 7 playable characters the game held at the time are still mainstays in the subsequent sequels. The thing that set Mortal Kombat's characters apart back then is the fact that they weren't just bits and bytes somebody drew up. No siree; all characters and their animations where made by filming and photographing real humans in the characters outfit, then cutting the actual characters out of the background and stringing everything together to make all the animations work.

The Team at midway produced the entire game in about 10 months time. Now, this isn't really a lot of time to create a complete game. This meager timeframe in which the developers had to create the game was mainly due to the corporate overlords at Midway, who wanted Mortal Kombat finished as soon as possible in order to compete with the very popular Street Fighter games. And boy oh boy; the team didn't let anybody down! The game became so loved that, in 2019, we are looking at Mortal Kombat 11 (which is actually the 24th game), which has just been released and it is till going strong, 27 years after the original Mortal Kombat fought its way onto the gaming market.

The enormous popularity of Mortal Kombat was a direct result of one of its most distinguishing features: the always awesome and bloody Fatalities! These finishing moves are, even in this day and age, still one of the key elements of the entire Mortal Kombat series. I mean, come on; what's not to like, right? There's not much out there that is more satisfying than reducing your opponent to a smoking pile of ash by zapping him with electricity from your fingers. This was the case back in 1992 and it sure as hell still is today!

Well, I think that's about all the time we have for today. Let's head back home and see where in the world Sadhonker went with the Big Red Timemachine. Alright, everybody can get out now. Hahaha, did you see Charlie still floating around out there, trying to get a ride? At least he doesn't age where he is so that's nice. Well, for him at least. Now where in the world is Sadho.. Wait a minute! Who cleaned up the place? And is that a fresh coat of paint? What the hell is going on here?! Sadhonker, where in the world are you? Mark my words, dear readers; there's something rotten in the state of our Big Red HQ. Oh well. Anyway boys and girls, that's it for now. If you hear something from Sadhonker, please let me know ! I am starting to get a bit worried now.

Midway (known nowadays as NetherRealm Studios)