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By Dennis "CallMeBackdraft" Aspers on August 14, 2020

Welcome one and all to our... less then awesome Headquarters, Yes I know we have a lot of cool and for most people unobtainable gear and all that jazz, but let's just say that, due to the realizations I had over the past few weeks this mighty building has lost some of its shine and sparkle. The "disturbance in the force" is still clearly present and somehow I can't shake the feeling that a grave danger is on a head-on collision course, racing straight for us...

But let's put that aside for just a second and let me apologize to you for missing out our planned adventure from three weeks ago. Luckily Sadhonker was, somewhat, sound of mind enough to not completely forget about you guys and he took you on a adventure all of his own. The reason for me missing the adventure was not, as Sadhonker made you think, a wedding of my own. Actually Sadhonker locked me up in some kind of contraption which would, in his words: "make sure you snap out of this insanity". Well, dear readers I would have rather been stuck in a washing machine tied to a rocket ship on a collision course for Neptune! I swear to god, the man who designed that machine must be a spawn of the devil himself.

Talking about demon spawns; do any of you guys and girls have any idea why, when I finally managed to get free, I saw Sadhonker sitting in a dark hallway whimpering in a corner rocking back and forth whispering "I'm not lost, I'm not lost, I'm not lost". That was weird... even for him. I had a good laugh about it but it is kind of strange is it not? Anyway, I think it is about time to go on this week's adventure through time and space. For today, the game I have chosen for us to investigate is none other than a gem of puzzling, pointing and clicking that goes by the name of Myst.

In this game, which was released by Cyan Worlds in 1993, it all starts out by us reading this weird book titled MYST. The book talks about an island in the most stunning of detail, this island is called.... Yeah, you guessed it MYST. Whilst reading the last page of the book we place our hand down on it and before we know it we now find ourselves on the island that was described in the book we were just reading. Well, I guess that beats going to a train station in the middle of London only to get to a specific platform which seemingly doesn't exist... especially in the current state of things in 2020, but I digress.

So now we are here on this beautiful, yet weird island I guess it is up to us to figure out what is going on. Myst is a first person point and click adventure game, so we navigate the island by clicking on certain spots on the screen to either move to the next location, turn around or interact with items and objects in the world. This is something we don't see a heck of a lot of nowadays but used to have a real foothold in the world of gaming. As we investigate this island we stumble upon two books; a red one and a blue one. Upon trying to read them we are met with visions of two brothers called Sirrus and Achenar. Both brothers are imprisoned in these books and, I must say, both of them have a compelling story as to why we should help them get out of their imprisonment. However, both books are missing some pages, which make the messages left for us within the books less then... coherent.

We have to find the missing pages, so let's explore further. Apart from the exploration this island is riddled with puzzles. And boy ,these puzzles will have us do anything from figuring out combination locks to flipping levers a certain way all over the island in order to progress and find so called Books of Ages. These books, which were written by an old race called "The Dunny", who seemingly had the ability to create complete worlds by writing about them in books. This might just explain how the two brothers got to be imprisoned. We even find out who imprisoned them in their books; their Father, Atrus. During our travels we eventually get the choice to help Sirrus or Achenar, or we can choose to help neither of them and Atrus of the disobedience of his sons. So many choices... but what shall we choose? Well, that's going to be a story for another time, because now, my dear readers, the time has come to get back home and see if Sadhonker has managed to do anything except for whimper all day and night.

Ah yes, back at this dilapidated place. I'll tell you guys, if it wasn't for me, making sure some cleaning people come by every now and then, it would be condemned in half a heartbeat. Sadhonker really let this place go... anyway... SADHONKER!!! Where in the ever-living hell are you ? Aha, there you are.... Still nothing but rocking back and forward, I see... well, at least you managed to flick on the lights. Oh, hello Jeeves. What are you telling me? Oh it wasn't him that turned on the lights, but you? Has he even moved from this spot since I have been gone? He hasn't?! Well, if he didn't lock me up before, I would maybe care a bit, but right now I don't want to waste my time on him. Jeeves, keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't do anything particularly stupid.

Dear readers, for now I bid you farewell and we will meet each other again soon... Maybe even sooner than you'd expect...