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By Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams on August 3, 2018

Aaaaaaand, we're back, dear readers. Welcome, welcome, to yet another episode of our beloved Big Red Timemachine. This will be the last time we will take you on a trip... What? No, Dennis, please stop crying and let me finish my sentence. Just drink your beer and go and talk to the nice ladies in the back, will you? So, as I was saying... wait a minute; where was I... Oh yes, This will be the last time we take you on a trip for the coming four weeks. We, dear readers, are going on a well-deserved vacation!

Yes, after a couple of exciting months, I decided it was time to take a break from it all, so I talked to Dennis and proposed we go on a four week holiday; just the two of us. Well, technically, we kind of invited a couple of swimsuit models to come along for the ride. Actually, we invited a busload of swimsuit models, but aside from that, it's just us!

The whole thing just got away from me, when I was trying to construct an industrial sized, espresso maker over the hole that Dennis' contraption made. Luckily, Dennis was there just in time to remind me never to attach the Primordial Fluxidium Preparator to the Cryogenic Classificator, or things could have been worse. Yes, there was a lot of steam involved and some minor fractures in the fabric of time and space, but hey, at least I can say I tried, right?

So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, fasten your seatbelts, for we are about to blast off towards the year 1993, in search for a game about two other awesome dudes that are going on a journey: Sam & Max Hit the Road!

Sam & Max hit the road was published in 1993 for MS-DOS by LucasArts. The Mac version of the game did not surface until two years later. IT tells the tale of two freelance police officers that will have to solve a big, big case. They are tasked by their commissioner to solve the disappearance of a Bigfoot from a nearby carnival and set off to investigate the crime scene. Once at the carnival, Sam & Max quickly discover that this is no simple disappearance and decide to further investigate this strange occurrence.

Their trail leads them to some of the most prominent tourist attractions across the land. The duo investigates various clues and talks to a host of wacky characters and slowly discovers that nothing is quite what it seems. Will they ever find the missing Bigfoot, or will they fumble the case completely? Well, just play the game and find out, why don't you?!

Sam & Max hit the road was made right after the acclaimed LucasArts games Maniac Mansion and Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle. It made good of the SCUMM engine, which also powered the previous two games. Being a classic point 'n click adventure, Sam & Max Hit the Road is mostly about finding, combining and using objects in unexpected ways. There's a lot of conversation involved, in which the player can choose their answers.

The player controls the titular characters with a mouse. Clicking on the spot you want your characters to go. By clicking the right mouse button, you are able to swap actions, like: look, talk to, pick up and interact. There's a picture of a cardboard box in the lower left corner of your screen, which you can click to access your inventory.

The comic art style of Sam & Max is fairly reminiscent of Day of the Tentacle, with buildings and objects having almost true no straight edges or angles whatsoever. The quirky characters and the humorous conversations made this game into an instant classic. There are many still today, the cite Sam & Max Hit the Road as one of their favorite games in the genre... and with good reason!

This, alas, is already all the time we have today, because we really have to get going if we want to beat traffic. Why can't we stay just a little longer? Well, because time waits for no man... oh wait, that's not true when you happen to have a Big Red Timemachine, now is it? So, dear readers, we must really leave you now, because the girls are getting antsy and they've just taken out the bottle of massaging oil. This is Sadhonker, signing off and saying: Stay awesome and see you in four weeks!